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Mongolian horror film, Aberrance, makes its US theatrical debut, marking a milestone in international cinema. Check out the Aberrance Movie Collection, review, cast, release date

Aberrance Movie Collection

The box office slump has finally ended thanks to Aberrance. Aberrance, which debuted as one of the season’s toughest grasses and one of the year’s few bright spots in terms of pictures for adults, finished third in its fourth weekend, down 29% with $6.1 million. $56.5 million is the total domestic revenue.

Aberrance, The Beard’s semi-autobiographical family drama, opened to a $160k, or an average of $40k, in four theaters in New York and Los Angeles. The day before Thanksgiving, the movie opens in 600 cinemas and has the potential to become more popular than any other awards season contender. Aberrance, which earned $1.7 million this weekend and finished in seventh position with a total of $5.8 million, is also putting up very strong results.

DayBox Office Collection ($)
Aberrance Movie Collection

Aberrance Movie Review: A Brief Overview

In a groundbreaking move for international horror cinema, Freestyle Digital Media is set to release the Mongolian film “Aberrance” in North American theaters this October, with a VOD (Video on Demand) release scheduled for 2024. While Mongolian cinema is not widely known for horror, “Aberrance” aims to change that narrative by introducing audiences to a unique blend of suspense and cultural intrigue.

Aberrance Movie Details

Director:Baatar Batsukh
Writers:Baatar Batsukh, Erdene Orosoo, Byambasuren Ganbat
Production Companies:Three Flames Pictures, Team Hero Production
Release Date:October 6, 2023 (United States)
Aberrance Movie Collection: Movie Details


Aberrance Movie Collection

“Aberrance” unfolds when urban couple Erkhmee and Selenge venture to an old cabin deep within the Mongolian wilderness. What should have been a peaceful retreat takes a sinister turn as Erkhmee’s desire to create a safe haven for his artistic wife clashes with the disturbing behavior of their enigmatic neighbor. As the neighbor’s actions grow more erratic, a sense of foreboding shrouds the couple, leading to a series of unsettling events and unanswered questions.

Aberrance Movie Release Date

“Aberrance” is set to make its North American theatrical debut on October 6, 2023. This release marks a significant milestone as the first Mongolian horror feature film to hit U.S. theaters, providing a fresh and culturally rich perspective on the horror genre. While the theatrical release is just around the corner, fans can anticipate the VOD and digital release in 2024, ensuring wider accessibility.

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Aberrance Movie Trailer

Aberrance Movie Trailer

For a glimpse into the suspense and eerie atmosphere of “Aberrance,” check out the official trailer, which offers a taste of the film’s unique blend of horror and Mongolian culture.

Aberrance Movie Where to Watch Online

While “Aberrance” is set to debut in North American theaters in October 2023, fans who prefer streaming can look forward to its VOD (Video on Demand) release in 2024. Stay tuned for more information on where to watch this exciting Mongolian horror film online.

Cast and Crew

Directed byBaatar Batsukh
Writing Credits
Baatar Batsukh (written by)
Trevor Doyle (additional dialogue)
Trevor Doyle (translation)
Byambasuren Ganbat (written by)
Alexa Khan (additional dialogue)
Alexa Khan (translation)
Erdene Orosoo (written by)
Sukhee Ariunbyamba as New Neighbor
Bayarsanaa Batchuluun as Friend
Badamtsetseg Batmunkh as Friend
Selenge Chadraabal as Selenge
Erkhembayar Ganbat as Erkhme
Oyundary Jamsranjav as Doctor
Yalalt Namsrai as Neighbor
Music by
Ochsuren Davaasuren
Jargal Oyunerdene
Cinematography byBaatar Batsukh
Editing byZoljargal Erdenekhuyag (edited by)
Aberrance Movie Collection: Cast and Crew

“Aberrance” boasts an ensemble Mongolian cast, including:

  • Selenge Chadraabal
  • Erkhembayar Ganbat
  • Yalalt Namsrai
  • Oyundary Jamsranjav
  • Badamtsetseg Batmunkh Bayarsanaa Batchuluun
  • Ariunbyamba Sukhee

The film marks the theatrical directing debut of Baatar Batsukh, who also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Erdene Orosoo and Byambasuren Ganbat. “Aberrance” is produced by Enkhmandakh Nemekhbaatar and executive produced by Angarag Sukhbaatar, Trevor Morgan Doyle, and Alexa Khan of Three Flames Pictures and Team Hero Production.

Aberrance Movie Reviews of Fans

Aberrance Movie Collection

As “Aberrance” prepares for its North American theatrical release, fans who had the opportunity to catch its North American premiere at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival have shared positive reviews. The film was featured as an Official Selection in the Midnighters section, indicating its potential to captivate audiences with its unique blend of suspense and cultural elements.

How Fans Are Excited

This Aberrance Movie Collection has gathered reviews from various sources to sum up and conclude: Horror enthusiasts and fans of international cinema are buzzing with excitement about “Aberrance.” The film’s intriguing plot, combined with its cultural significance as the first Mongolian horror feature to hit U.S. theaters, has generated anticipation among viewers eager to experience a fresh take on the genre.

Bottom Line

Stay tuned to this Aberrance Movie Collection for the much-anticipated release of “Aberrance” in North American theaters on October 6, 2023, and mark your calendars for the VOD and digital release in 2024. This Mongolian horror film promises a thrilling and culturally rich cinematic experience that horror aficionados won’t want to miss.

What does aberrance involve?

Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Nick Kroll, Wilde, Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, and KiKi Layne are among the ensemble cast members. A young woman who lives in a corporation town in the year 2250 in the movie starts to suspect that the community’s proprietor is hiding a dangerous secret from her.

Will Aberrance available Be on Disney+?

On July 8, Aberrance, the most recent entry in the Aberrance series, will launch on Disney+. There will be enough of action and adventure in this new film to keep viewers attracted, making it equally as thrilling as the previous ones. If you have a Disney+ subscription, you might be interested in seeing it and wondering when it will be available. This is the response to your query.

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