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4 Apps for Instagram Stories Editing




Standing out on Instagram stories is getting harder and harder. Beyond the gifs, the stickers, the Superzoom or Boomerang modes, and the luminous texts that the application itself offers us, where do your contacts get all those cameras and design effects with which you get hooked on their stories? Surely, one of the applications that we are going to see today. Along with the tools for scheduling posts, editing applications are essential to shine in ephemeral stories (they disappear from your timeline after 24 hours), a Snapchat invention that Instagram has been improving little by little.

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Credit :- Unfold App for Instagram stories

One of the most complete apps for creating and editing stories -both photos and videos- is Unfold (available for iOS and Android ). It offers you a wide variety of elegant and simple templates in which you can modify the font, make collages or put white borders, among other options. Once the story is finished, you can export it in the highest resolution to Insta, Snapchat, and Facebook.


Instagram stories
Credit :- Inshot Instagram stories

To add music to your stories, one of the best apps is InShot (you can find it for Apple and Android ). It allows you to trim and combine different videos, add filters, emojis, and background blur (motion blur). In photos, you can make advanced adjustments for contrast, saturation, and color, as well as rotate and flip. As for music, you can choose between your own selection or the one you have downloaded to your device.


Credit :- Canva Photo Editing

Another design app that more and more Instagrammers use is Canva (available for Android, Apple device ).we are interested in today, Instagram stories, you can use the Canvas templates and add your own images, rotate the texts, change the fonts and colors or use different filters and adjustment tools. In addition to Instagram, you can share the stories on Facebook, among others.

Hype Type

Credit :- Hype Type

This application is currently only available for Apple(IOS). Include dynamic fonts in your stories to give a funny or surprising touch to what you tell. If you are lacking in inspiration, you can also use their random quotes button to make sense of the photos and videos. You can flip videos, rotate them, add music, and play backward. You just have to save and export directly to Instagram.


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