In this article, we will take a look at a list of the best browser for Windows 10, compare browsers, namely, compare the main aspects such as browser security and performance. And you can choose the best browser for Windows 10 yourself.

Some users use it as a reading platform, some others use it to communicate with people; and some consider it a platform for creating, saving and sharing documents in a relatively more straightforward way. Depending on how you use your browser and what your main goal is, you must choose the most suitable web browser, as there are several web browsers with different capabilities.

If privacy and security are essential to you in your web browser, you may have to sacrifice capabilities; on the other hand, if you mainly use a browser to read news and check mail, you will need a browser that does not consume a lot of resources.


Google chrome

Chrome is a free and secure web browser from Google. Chrome is the right choice when you need an excellent tool to use the Internet. Since it is a Google product, it gives the best results when using Gmail or YouTube. According to statistics, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, offering many impressive features in terms of security, convenience, privacy. Compared to others, Google Chrome is faster – although it requires more resources.

When it comes to comfort, there are some things worth noting. For example, you can create several profiles that your family or organization may need and keep the data of each separately. Your data will remain intact.

If your primary concern is some

Privacy, then the incognito mode will be advantageous for you. There is strong integration with Google, which allows you to use your voice to control. Also, the browser supports HTML5 and JavaScript, which is much more potent than Flash. Combined with Webkit, web pages will load faster. To enhance Chrome’s performance, you have the opportunity to try out the massive collection of Chrome extensions available in the extension store. There are some features available in Chrome that are useful for developers.

If you want a complete web browser with all the features, a smartphone app and advanced sync functionality, Google Chrome is for you. One of the problems is the high consumption of RAM, but it can be optimized using extensions.

Compatibility : Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 / vista / XP


In terms of comparison, Opera is somewhere between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Opera is a user-friendly interface, support for gestures for ease of control, Turbo mode, support for extensions. Recently, there has been an excellent function to create a private window, something similar to the indigo mode for Chrome. Compared to Chrome, the launch of the browser is a little faster,

and the browser uses less RAM, although the developer’s functions in Chrome are slightly wider. Despite being easy to install and use, Opera has impressive features and functions that will really amaze you.

Through Opera, you can save your bookmarks and other data from being synchronized between different devices. For this, you need to create an Opera account. Opera also comes with a lot of features, different settings, such as creating custom keyboard shortcuts and changing the look with themes. In case of security, you can use Private Browsing, and there are auto-updates for protection; and for those in need of increased security, there are several other extensions.

Opera is a simple and easy to use web browser for Windows 10, with the standard features you’d expect. Opera makes browsing the Internet pretty excellent and comfortable. And with the latest updates, a lot of new and exciting things have been added to it. For example, watching videos on youtube has become even more convenient, and a built-in ad blocker and VPN.

Opera browser

Each browser has its advantages, and for me, Opera is the best browser for Windows 10 for working with many open tabs. You can keep several dozen available sites, and this will not significantly affect the speed of work.

Compatibility : Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / vista / XP

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a free, open-source web browser from the Mozilla Foundation available for other platforms as well. Compared to Chrome, which is developed by Google, Firefox is OK in terms of security and privacy, and there are several advantages to being an open-source solution, there is a wide range of support, an ever-growing collection of plugins, etc. It should be noted that developers prefer to use Mozilla Firefox with other browsers, Firefox has some cool tools like the error console and Firebug.

In terms of performance, Firefox in most tests is slightly inferior to the previous browser, but this “insignificantly” is unlikely to be noticeable to an ordinary user. However, in some cases, for example, in WebGL tests, asm.js, Mozilla Firefox wins almost one and a half to two times.

Mozilla Firefox in the pace of its development does not lag behind Chrome (and does not follow it, copying functions), literally once a week you can read the news about the improvement or change in the browser functionality.

Mozilla Firefox

With this in mind, Mozilla Firefox is a standard web browser with some additional features for developers. You have the opportunity to use it as you need, various extensions will help you with this. And also, Firefox has a high level of security.

Compatibility : Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 / vista / XP

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is actually Microsoft’s answer to Google Chrome, as the latter dominates Windows. Originally known as Project Spartan, this brand new web browser ships with Windows 10 as the default web browser, replacing Internet Explorer. As a competitor to Chrome, Microsoft Edge offers integration with several services provided by Microsoft, such as OneDrive and Cortana.

Since Edge was developed by Microsoft, it’s only natural that it will run well on Windows 10, giving you the best browsing performance. Aside from its sophistication, Microsoft Edge has some great features.

It should be noted that the plus is the integration with Cortana – Microsoft’s Digital Assistant – allowing you to search using your voice and have a personalized experience in terms of results as well as the user interface. It seems that Microsoft has given meaning to the UI & the comfort of using this browser, so there are features like reading mode. In addition, there is an innovative way to store your bookmarks, namely the Hub. Microsoft Edge has become a viable competitor to Google Chrome and other top browsers for Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge

So if you prefer a native, simple web browser – with little developer options, then Microsoft Edge is perfect for you. It should be noted that Microsoft Edge supports watching videos online without installing the Adobe Flash Player, starting Windows 10. With the latest update, Microsoft added support for extensions to the Edge browser, and you can already download attachments such as Adblock and Adblock Plus from the store.

Browser comparison

Features:Google chrome          OperaMozilla FirefoxMicrosoft Edge
Bookmark management++++
Privacy Mode++++
Password management++++
Automatic announcement+++
Popup BlockerIncomplete++
Voice control++


In this article, we showed the features of the best browsers for Windows 10. And actually made a browser comparison, which you can see above.

And what is the best browser for Windows 10 you use, write in the comments?


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