Over time, everything changes without exception. Some cryptocurrency exchanges are developing and becoming the best. Others fail to compete or are attacked (unfortunately). Leave only funds in circulation on the exchanges. It is better to withdraw all the rest to your wallet.

This article contains the top best cryptocurrency exchanges of 2023. After several years of trading, there is a lot to be said about cryptocurrency exchanges. You can create a rating approximately based on reliability. Often, the largest exchanges are more reliable (more funds are allocated for this).

Top cryptocurrency exchanges 2023

Binance top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

  • Official site:  binance.com
  • Mobile App:  Android, iOS
  • Interface languages:  for every taste
  • Trading pairs:  over 600
  • Country & Launch Year:  Hong Kong & 2017

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in terms of the number of users and the volume of trades. They are trusted by over 10 million clients from 180 countries. Has its own Binance Coin token. It supports fiat money, namely, withdrawal to a bank card (or input).

More than 4 years have passed since its launch. The developers have really worked on the user interface. Now you can register using our link and get a 10% discount on commissions. To protect your funds, we recommend that you go through verification.


  • Official site: poloniex.com
  • Mobile App:  Android, iOS
  • Interface languages:  for every taste
  • Trading pairs: over 140
  • Country & Launch Year: USA & 2014

This cryptocurrency exchange is more used by US users. Has a wide functionality – the ability to trade and issue loans. Provides convenient charts and various technical analysis tools. Plus easy navigation through the site.

There are many liquid investment instruments available. Over 140 currency pairs and a solid trading volume. The exchange has more than 50 million users from all over the world. And the percentage of the English-speaking audience is in First place. Fiat funds can only be entered.

Best EXMO Gainers Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Official site:  exmo.com
  • Mobile App:  Android, iOS
  • Interface languages:  for every taste
  • Trading pairs:  200
  • Country & Launch Year:  UK & 2014

This was my first acquaintance with cryptocurrency exchanges. Previously, she was the leader among CIS users. Compared to Binance, EXMO’s user interface was more intuitive. Supports withdrawal and deposit of fiat in dollars, hryvnias, rubles and even zlotys.

For full-fledged work, you will have to confirm your identity. This will keep your funds safe. Has a referral program and cashback of funds. The list of tokens is constantly expanding. The support allows itself to ignore you for weeks (this is what I tried to verify the identity).


  • Official site:  kucoin.com
  • Mobile App:  Android, iOS
  • Interface language:  ENG, RUS
  • Trading pairs: over 300
  • Country & Launch Year:  Hong Kong & 2017

A relatively new cryptocurrency exchange from Chinese developers. Has an interface on the Binance exchange. It’s really easy to figure it out. The trading engine is capable of processing up to two million orders per second and up to one million other requests.

We recommend that you enable two-factor authentication, go through verification and trade safely. The KuCoin Shares token allows trading on more favorable terms (issued on the Ethereum blockchain). A very similar system is used on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Official website:  kuna.io
  • Mobile App:  Android, iOS
  • Interface languages:  ENG, RUS, UKR
  • Trading pairs:  more than 20
  • Country & Launch Year:  Ukraine & 2015

An exchange for trading cryptocurrency from a Ukrainian developer. Works with fiat dollar, ruble and hryvnia. You can withdraw and deposit funds. The developers really focused on ease of use. It is not distinguished by serious turnover of funds.

A premium account gives you reduced trading commissions and access to testing new exchange functions. It describes itself as a crypto exchange more for users of the CIS countries. The pluses include the lack of verification, a simple interface and prompt support.


  • Official site:  bitexbook.com
  • Mobile App:  Android
  • Interface languages:  ENG, RUS
  • Trading Pairs:  100
  • Country & Launch Year: Belarus & 2018

Basically a decent cryptocurrency exchange with big plans. Easy to use, not only for beginners and crypto enthusiasts, but also for professionals. You can deposit and withdraw fiat funds. And all this with minimal fees. Support service 24/7.

The Bitexbook exchange took over the debt obligations of BitFlip, fixing them in the form of debt tokens. And gradually they are redeemed. My purchased coins are still unavailable. Its popularity is growing very slowly. Although various promotions are constantly being held.


  • Official website: global.bittrex.com
  • Mobile App:  Android, iOS
  • Interface languages:  ENG
  • Trading pairs:  over 500
  • Country & Launch Year:  USA & 2014

The crypto exchange has tokens that are not available in competitors. For example, I previously purchased Stellar Lumen on it. As in most foreign exchanges, there is no Russian language. Bittrex Global exchange stopped providing services to clients from Belarus, Ukraine and 5 other countries.

And now about the bad news. My account has been disabled. Since the region is no longer supported (the account has been verified). Fortunately, they are asked to enter the wallets where the funds will be withdrawn. After creating a new account, identity confirmation is immediately required.


  • Official site:  yobit.net
  • Mobile app:  no
  • Interface languages:  for every taste
  • Trading pairs:  over 5000
  • Country & Launch Year:  Russia & 2014

Difficult to find words. The exchange is focused on CIS users. More than 5,000 trading pairs are available for 450 different cryptocurrencies (50% of which are permanently supported). There are still some interesting features. For example InvestBox, VMining and Dice (rates).

And the deserved last place is occupied by the YObit exchange. Support can afford to ignore your requests. Many tokens can be purchased and nothing else can be done with them. And all because more than 50% of wallets on eternal tech. service.



I can say with confidence that the YObit and Bittrex exchanges are worthy of being relegated from the rating. The first one simply scores on users. Why on Binance all tokens can be entered and withdrawn, and on YObit there is eternal maintenance … Why then trade these tokens?

Of course, Bittrex surprised me too. The users of Ukraine and Belarus are free. Do what you want … So, you were wasting 3 hours to get verified … And the LiveCoin exchange was closed altogether. It was lucky that I did not use it, since the interface did not enter.

Which exchange is better to trade on? Everything is very subjective. Earlier I bought myself a Stellar Lumen token on the Bittrex exchange. Then it could be bought on Poloniex. I bought it and forgot it for a few months. And if you trade, then it’s better on Binance (there are many trading pairs).Where is the best place to store cryptocurrency? On the exchanges, your funds are, as it were, protected, but you should not store large volumes there. You can use physical or official wallets . Everyone understood this using the example of the LiveCoin exchange. Immediately withdraw large volumes from the exchange.


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