1. TunnelBear

By far the best free VPN service. It is simple and very fast. You just need to register on the TunnelBear website and install the app to start using the VPN right away without having to configure anything. You can connect to one of 20 countries.best free VPNs for computers TunnelBear is available on both desktops and mobile devices. One account can use the service on five different devices. However, the amount of free traffic is not impressive – only 500 MB per month (you can get another 1 GB per tweet). However, for profitable purchases in online stores and access to services blocked in Russia, this is enough.

Download TunnelBear for Windows and macOS →

2. Windscribe

The main advantage of this service is 10 GB of free traffic per month (after confirmation by email) and the ability to access the Internet through 25 servers in 11 countries. To increase the 5GB limit, you need to post to Twitter. At the same time, for each user who registered using your link, another 1 GB is added.

You do not need personal data to register, the service only asks for a username and password. If you wish, you can enter your email to gain access to your account if you forget your password. The same mail will receive notifications about the accrual of new traffic limits.

The free version allows you to use the service on only one device.

Download Windscribe for Windows and macOS →

3. Hotspot Shield

The service provides only 500 MB of traffic per day. They can be used on five different devices. Hotspot Shield has a feature that automatically connects to a Best Free VPN when you access the Internet over an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Thanks to this, you can pay for purchases on the Internet and not worry that someone will gain access to your personal data.

The disadvantages of the service include the fact that in the free version you cannot choose the country through which the traffic will go, and the speed of the Internet connection sometimes decreases.

Download Hotspot Shield for Windows and Windows Phone →

4. Speedify

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A distinctive feature of Speedify is the fastest possible internet connection speed. It is achieved by combining all available Internet connections. For example, wired internet and 3G / 4G mobile connections. Even with only one type of connection, you can increase the speed due to the unique Speedify technologies.

There are 30 servers to choose from around the world. The traffic limit is 2 GB per month, you can use VPN only on one device.

Download Speedify for Windows and macOS →

5. Proton VPN

A pretty decent VPN service available on all major platforms. In the free version, you can connect from one device to servers in three countries to choose from. At the same time, there are no logs and restrictions on the amount of traffic, which is even more important for most users.

In addition to simultaneous work from just one device, the disadvantages include the lack of support for streaming services and torrents. All this requires a paid subscription.

Download Proton VPN for Windows, macOS and Link.

6. Browsec

Another Best Cheap VPN without traffic restrictions, which is available as a mobile application and an extension for popular browsers. Thanks to the Smart Settings function, it can be automatically enabled only on selected sites, allowing the rest of the traffic to pass directly. This feature works for free only for one site.

Other limitations include only four available servers and a speed of about 20 Mbps versus 100 Mbps in the premium.

Price: Free

7. HideMe

A simple and reliable best VPN that works on all available platforms, including less common operating systems and routers. Even in the free version, HideMe encrypts the connection, provides technical support for users and does not cut the connection speed.

But there are also limitations: 10 GB of traffic per month, simultaneous access from only one device and work with servers in only five countries. That being said, streaming services and torrents are supported.

Download HideMe for Windows, macOS, and Link

8. SurfEasy

A convenient free VPN service for smartphones and computers that helps you easily bypass regional restrictions. SurfEasy allows you to use up to five devices simultaneously on a free account. There are no speed limits, but there is a traffic limit: only 500 MB per month.

In addition, the service provides ad tracker blocking and an extended list of servers for connection, but they are available only with a paid subscription.

Download SurfEasy for Windows and macOS →

9. Avira Phantom VPN

A very simple service from the creators of the antivirus of the same name, designed to provide anonymous work on the Internet. 500 MB per month are allocated for free, after registration the limit will increase to 1 GB.

At the same time, the basic version is deprived of such functions as an emergency disconnect from the network and protection against DNS leaks.

Download Avira Phantom smartphone VPN for Windows and macOS →

10. Private Tunnel

One account allows you to work with Private Tunnel on three devices. There are nine servers to choose from. At the same time, only 200 MB of Internet traffic is provided per month. If the limit is reached, you can buy a package for 20 or 100 GB.

Download Private Tunnel for Windows and MacBook Price: Free

11. Cloudflare WARP

This best free VPN from renowned DNS provider Cloudflare runs on Windows, macOS and mobile platforms. There are no traffic and speed restrictions: you can easily watch online videos up to 4K, use streaming and torrents.

Cloudflare WARP automatically selects the best server. You cannot specify the country manually and, accordingly, you cannot change the location. Despite this, the service easily bypasses all types of blocking. If you want privacy, not complete anonymity, this is ideal.

Download Cloudflare WARP for Windows and macOS →

Price: Free

UPD. The text was updated on March 11, 2021: more relevant data was added to it.


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