Best mobile processors for smartphones 2023

Best mobile processors for smartphones 2023

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Many manufacturers have released Top processors for smartphones. For example, Google – Tensor, Apple – Bionic, HiSilicon – Kirin, Samsung – Exynos, MediaTek – Dimensity and Qualcomm – Snapdragon. The first three make chips for their devices, the latter are more massive.

This article will show you the best processors for smartphones in 2023. There is a lot of passion in the mobile solutions market. Contrary to rumors, Samsung and HiSilicon may fight back. Let’s figure out which processors to look at, but last year’s models are worthy of attention.

Best Smartphone Processors 2023

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2

It was introduced at the end of 2022 and produced on a 4-nanometer process technology at TSMC (N4P). It combines four different CPU clusters. Powerful AI engine (up to 4.35 times faster performance), Wi-Fi 7 and 5G speed up to 10Gbps. RAM LPDDR5X – 4200.

According to the manufacturer, the novelty is 35% faster and 40% more energy efficient than its predecessor in terms of CPU. Graphics performance increased by 25% with a 45% improvement in efficiency. And now Adreno 740 also supports hardware ray tracing .

MediaTek  Dimension 9200

New chipset with ARM Cortex-X3 processor and Immortalis-G715 graphics cores. What’s more, the Dimensity 9200 uses TSMC’s second-generation (N4P) 4nm process. Supports hardware ray tracing as well as Wi-Fi 7. LPDDR5X memory at 8533MHz.

In fact, the Dimensity 9200 managed to outperform its competitors in the 3DMark WildLife Extreme test. Scored 3627 points and an average power consumption of 8.2 watts. In comparison, the Apple A16 Bionic got 3359 with a power consumption of 7.6W. With its predecessor – up to 50% more powerful.

Apple A16 Bionic

This is a system from Apple, which received 6 cores: 2 – productive and 4 – energy efficient. Improvements have been made to efficiency cores and improved memory bandwidth (+50% thanks to LPDDR5). The graphics still offer 5 cores.

In practice, the 16 Neural Engine cores provide increased performance up to 17 TOPS (compared to 15.8 for the A15 Bionic). The test showed that the 5-core iGPU is 20% more powerful and 10% more efficient than Adreno 730. The difference between Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and A16 Bionic is reduced to 5%.

Google Tensor G2

A chip developed by Google and Samsung specifically for Pixel smartphones. Saved the 2+2+4 cluster configuration of the original Tensor GS101. Only the A76 cluster has been replaced by the A78, which is 100 MHz faster. Upgraded iGPU to ARM Mali G710 with 7 cores and TPU tensor unit.

For example, in Geekbench they received an increase of only 10-15%. The new GPU delivers approximately 20% performance and efficiency improvements. At the same time, TPU is 60% more powerful and 20% more efficient. The company is focusing on the possibilities of AI. 

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Rating of mobile processors for smartphones

Antutu score 9 – takes into account the speed of the  CPU, GPU, RAM and memory. Useful test GeekBench 5 – shows one | multi-threaded CPU performance. This data depends on the workload, operating temperatures and software. The table will expand!

#ModelAntutu 9Geekbench 5NucleiGraphic arts
1Apple A16 Bionic9576521877 | 53652+4Apple GPU
2Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen212304611478 | 49571+4+3Adreno 740
3MediaTek  Dimension 920012659261299 | 49571+3+4Mali-G715 Im. MC11
4MediaTek  Dimensity 9000 Plus11386891336 | 42911+3+4Mali-G710 MC10
5Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 110277611308 | 41571+3+4Adreno 730
6MediaTek  Dimension 90009967201264 | 42621+3+4Mali-G710
7Apple A15 Bionic7939381737 | 47862+4Apple GPU
8Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen110337321279 | 38191+3+4Adreno 730
9Samsung Exynos 22009403131147 | 35561+3+4Samsung Xclipse 920
10Apple A14 Bionic7282731587 | 40732+4Apple GPU
elevenMediaTek  Dimension 8200945304982 | 41721+3+4Mali-G610 MC6
12Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus8173641169 | 36441+3+4Adreno 660
13Qualcomm Snapdragon 8888003101119 | 36611+3+4Adreno 660
14MediaTek  Dimension 8100804419963 | 39844+4Mali-G610 MC6
15Google Tensor G27436661051 | 32052+2+4Mali-G710 MP7
16Google Tensor7434141036 | 28262+2+4Mali-G78 MP20
17Samsung Exynos 21007478921081 | 35931+3+4Mali-G78 MP14
18HiSilicon Kirin 90007621731038 | 36771+3+4Mali-G78 MP24
19Apple A13 Bionic6278761321 | 34732+4Apple GPU
20MediaTek  Dimension 8000708554836 | 32964+4Mali-G610 MC6
21Qualcomm Snapdragon 870697510997 | 33761+3+4Adreno 650
22HiSilicon Kirin 9000E7248591054 | 37431+3+4Mali-G78MP22
23Samsung Exynos 1080701681832 | 29051+3+4Mali-G78 MP10
24Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus718479913 | 32811+3+4Adreno 650
25MediaTek  Dimension 1300666421937 | 31691+3+4Mali-G77 MC9

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or Dimensity 9200. In a single-threaded comparison, Qualcomm slightly outperformed the competitor. In a multi-threaded comparison, performance parity. But the classic Antutu 9 test favors MediaTek. In practice, all the same only in profile …

The first smartphones based on new processors – 2023

A little over a month has passed since the release of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Dimensity 9200 processors. Manufacturers got the green light and immediately showed their smartphones. Perhaps a dozen more flagships will receive a solution from MediaTek. Yeah, Qualcomm exceeds that number…

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8 ProXiaomi Redmi K60 Pro
ZTE Nubia Z50
Motorola X40
Vivo iQOO 11
Xiaomi 13 Pro
Xiaomi 13
Vivo iQOO 11 Pro
Vivo X90 Pro+
OnePlus 11
MediaTek  Dimension 9200Vivo X90Vivo X90 Pro
Apple A16 BionicApple iPhone 14 Pro MaxApple iPhone 14 Pro
Google Tensor G2Google Pixel 7 ProGoogle Pixel 7

It should be noted the high power of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Dimensity 9200. These processors will be used in most top-end smartphones in 2023. And the new A16 Bionic and Tenser G2 were released specifically for their flagships. The future of Exynos and HiSilicon remains in doubt.


In practice, the capabilities of Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 8000, Exynos 2100, Kirin 9000 and Tensor head on. And the new ones generally show exorbitant power. LPDDR5x-4200 memory, UFS 4.0 storage, 4K UHD/60Hz displays, Wi-Fi 7, and 8K video and ray tracing.

You can take a smartphone based on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 platform or Dimensity 9000 Plus. A table (small rating) of mobile processors will help you evaluate performance. It is necessary to consider each device separately. Well, real reviews will help you.

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