This article contains the best video players for Windows 10. There is no doubt that the trusted Movies & TV app is perfect for most. Although everyone already has it preinstalled, we do not take it into account. We will select the top video players from third-party software.

The standard Windows Media Player cannot guarantee a completely comfortable video viewing. The Movies & TV app has slightly fixed the problem for Windows 10 users. It performs very well in most scenarios.

All video players allow you to control sound and picture parameters, support subtitles, can work with playlists and play not only local files, but also streaming broadcasts. They performed well in testing on Windows 10.

They can be roughly divided into several categories:

  • Lightweight video players – differ in the minimum load on the system, their capabilities are sufficient to solve most problems. Support for third party formats is not a problem.
  • Multifunctional media players  – include a number of additional functions. For example, they support files in less common formats and install plugins.
  • Specialized players – for watching movies on TVs connected to a PC. Ideal for higher resolution monitors.

Best lightweight video players for Windows 10

These video players are recommended for use on office machines and laptops. They use relatively few system resources, start quickly, so they are often used even as an audio player.

Light alloy

Compact video player with frame-by-frame viewing function, integrated screenshoter and the ability to change the playback speed. You can change the look with skins. The interface can also be controlled by external remote devices.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

The long name hides a classic interface. Despite its nondescript appearance, it boasts excellent functionality. It easily opens high-resolution files, allows you to play 3D videos and capture images from external sources.

The program is relatively loyal to the resources of the machine and runs quickly on computers that do not have high performance. The main drawback of the application is the absence of a banal equalizer, despite the presence of a functional sound filtering panel.

Daum potplayer

In terms of functionality, the player is in no way inferior to previous video players. The application interface is enclosed in a modern shell and has an equalizer familiar to everyone. The program supports the function of playing 3D files.

It can record video and mirror image and contains an integrated screenshoter. The ability to connect plugins is supported. The main control console looks familiar, but the parameters are divided into thematic blocks.

The best feature-rich video players for Windows 10

The built-in codecs of these players are more omnivorous. Such applications allow you to open objects even in less common formats and support more streaming video. There are also features that make them stand out from the rest.

The KMPlayer

This is one of the most famous players. Sound normalizer, video capture, playing content over WiFi, organizing multimedia objects, a service for watching live broadcasts, smooth transition between audio tracks, what else is required from a media player.

Interestingly, KMPlayer is based on the same core as Daum Potplayer, but a set of additional features and integrated commercial content still increased the program’s requirements for computer performance. Good hardware requirements.


This player is tailored for the reproduction of high quality content in high definition. This is one of the few free products that can play videos in modern 5K format. The downside of 5KPlayer is the lack of a Russified menu.

The video player allows you to take frame by frame shots from the video sequence, can directly play content from video hosting sites like YouTube, and supports the AirPlay protocol. The programs have the most modern interface design.

VLC Media Player

Powerful multifunctional harvester. With it, you can open almost any broken files. And there is also a remote control function, a built-in screenshot and screencaster, as well as customizable skins.

Among the shortcomings, despite the external lightness of the VLC interface, the media player significantly loads the system and sometimes openly slows down on office machines. Supports the installation of useful plugins.

The best specialized for high quality video playback

The software of this category easily opens the most difficult films, recognizes content on optical discs, displays DVD menus, allows you to convert a regular series into a three-dimensional image and does an excellent job of reproducing multichannel sound.

If you plan to watch DVDRip using these programs on a monitor with a normal HD resolution, then you will not see the difference in the display of the picture. These players provide access to their capabilities for a limited period only.

Arcsoft Tatal Media THEATER

This player uses a special algorithm for adapting low-resolution clips to modern monitors. In addition, the program uses the technology for frame smoothing of the image, there is an option to reduce dynamic noise.

The utility allows you to change the regional code of DVD discs, restrict access to the interface using a password, broadcast an image using the MiraCast protocol and play content from YouTube. The trial period is 15 days, and the license is about $ 100.


The player uses its own 7HD image enhancement technology, it is possible to overlay sound effects, and the function of editing an audio track is available without changing the tempo of video playback.

A feature of WinDVD is an option that allows you to learn foreign languages ​​while watching movies by repeating segments. Of the minuses, the program interface is not translated into Russian, the trial period is 1 month, and the license cost is almost $ 80.


As in the previous ones, it also uses its own image quality improvement technology. This video player is held in high esteem by fans of surround sound. The app contains a built-in media organizer.

Allows you to remotely control the interface using a separate mobile application. The trial period is 1 month. License for the version with support for 4K video 80 $.



A leader can be distinguished in each of the categories, for example, Daum Potplayer has a modern interface and ample opportunities. But he is very loyal to computer resources. Among the powerful, The KMPlayer has successfully established itself, although it has advertising content.


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