Directly, SSDs are purchased due to their high read and write speeds. Using the Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB SSD as an example, let’s try to test its speed. The specifications indicate a maximum read value of 3500 MB / s and a maximum write of 2500 MB / s.This article will show you how to check SSD speed. We are using the current Windows 10 version 20H2. We also need third-party programs to test SSD speed. Although there are not many quality software for testing the speed of drives.

Check SSD speed testing software

Important! Before testing, shut down any active applications that might load the disk. It is also recommended that the disk has at least 30% free space. During testing, sequential reads and writes are performed.

You can always move (copy) a file from one disk to another. For example, the ISO image of a Windows 10 system was copied in 2-3 seconds (this is a 5 GB file). It was even difficult to screen the transfer process. The write speed was up to 1.25 GB / s (no reading limit).

How to check ssd speed

Samsung Magician

The program is designed to work with Samsung drives (although others are supported). In the Drive  Information section, click Test All . Or by selecting an individual drive under Performance Optimization, click Get Started . This is the most accurate test of the company’s drives.


Select the SSD partition and click All to start testing. For a quicker test, run the first test SEQ1M Q8T1 . These are sequential read / write operations (1 MB blocks, queue 8, stream 1). Above you can reduce the number of checks and the file size.

How to check my ssd speed

AS SSD Benchmark

Select the desired SSD from the list and click Start . Or, you can run only the Seq (sequential read / write) test . In comparison with the previous program, this utility shows lower read speeds. On the old disc, the speeds correspond to those stated.

HD Tune Pro

Select File Benchmark and click Start (after specifying the desired drive partition). Analyze your results on a graph. In the Benchmark section, you can separately check the read or write speeds. There is both a free version and a paid trial.


It is a versatile tool for testing your computer. You download a small executable file and wait for the check to complete. All installed components are tested, including your SSD drives. The results will be shown on the web page.


All power users are already familiar with the CrystalDiskMark program. The developers are constantly updating it. And even new NVMe drives can be tested. Works with PCI Express 4.0 drives. You get accurate read and write speeds.

As a bonus, the Samsung Magician program was tested. According to the company, it only works with Samsung branded drives. For example, I was able to test the speed of a Kingston A400 SSD. Although its operating temperature is not displayed.


How to check ssd speed ?

There are Many ways to check the speed of your SSD (Solid State Drive). Here are a some methods

1 CrystalDiskMark

2 AS SSD Benchmark

3 ATTO Disk Benchmark

4 Windows Performance Monitor


SSD Full Form is Solid State Drive. It’s Founded in 1980s.

Which is better SSD or HDD ?

SSD are much faster Comparison than HDD. They have no moving parts, so they can access data almost instantly, while HDDs have to spin up to access data, which can take several milliseconds. But if you need a large storage space at a low cost, Then a HDD may be a better option For You .


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