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This is as relevant as ever. Check the video card before buying. At a minimum, you need to conduct a stress test and memory testing. This is how we determine not only the performance, but also “some wear and tear” of the card.

Due to recent events, the price of video cards has stabilized. Many different offers, even with the ability to check before buying. Of course, it’s better to consider each one separately, get acquainted with its sores (especially the RTX 3060 Ti after mining).

This article will tell you how to check the video card for Windows 11 performance. You will need to prepare for testing, and only then you can perform a memory test and stress … At a minimum, you need to control the temperature during the entire stress testing.

Stage of preparation for testing

Installing/Updating DriversDrivers shouldn’t be an issue. You need to install its latest version in order for the video card to work properly.
Temperature /speed monitoringThey must be monitored during the process to avoid overheating. You can download GPU-Z, at least task manager or equivalent.
Restart/close all programsThe system may freeze during the process. Do not use the computer at the same time. Wait for the test to complete.
Normal heat dissipation from the video cardIt’s no secret how to make heat dissipation in the case. There is no ventilation – do not close the case (for example, when checking).

How to check the video card? Examine the board for physical changes. Perform a stress test on the video card and test its memory. Comparison of Benchmark results (namely, the “number of parrots”) with analogues. This will determine if there is “some wear” on the card…

How to stress test a graphics card

Geeks3D FurMark

Select 1920×1080 without anti-aliasing and click GPU stress test or GPU BenchmarksPreset: 1080 (FHD) . The video card stress test will be launched. After leveling the temperature graph, we complete the test. Let’s analyze the results using the example of my ASUS Strix RX580 8GB Gaming card.

Analysis of the results . We get a sharp increase in the temperature graph, since the card was passively cooled without load. At full load, the temperature is 81 ° C, at maximum speed. The year before it was 76°C, it was time to serve. You can compare FPS with other maps…

OCCT Perestroika 11

Select Test > Radeon RX 580 > 3D Standard . Press the Start button and confirm it. The process is running, do not forget to set up monitoring. By default, the test will run for an hour, but you can stop earlier. And the longer the test, the more reliable the result will be.

Well, the results . For 16 minutes of testing, I did not receive a single error. The maximum temperature was 75 °C. At the same time, the fan speed is 54%, at the level of 2000 rpm. In the Loading or Other subsections , you can track the workload, speed, and even memory.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition

Actually, open Tools > Test GPGPU , and immediately System stability test . Click Start Benchmark and wait for completion. Next, mark Stress GPU(s) and Start . In the Preferences section, add a graph for GPU Diode and GPU VRM1 . You will have to complete the test yourself.

What happens? At full load, the temperature rose to 71°C in a 10-minute stress test. At the same time, the fan speed was at the level of 55% – 2100 rpm. These are normal values, testing passed without crashes and freezes. Plus, a benchmark, for comparing values.

Video card memory test | How to check

Select resolution 1920×1080 and stress test (GL) FurMark-Donut-6500MB (required to test memory). Click RUN stress test , plus turn on the Artifact scanner . You can use the task manager to see how much video memory is used. In the meantime, monitor temperatures.

OCCT Perestroika

Expand Test > System > VRAM . Duration – 30 min ; Video Card – Radeon RX 580 Series and Memory – 80% . Press Start and confirm the launch, immediately marked the desired graphics for yourself. If there are problems, the test does not pass to the end, and the user sees artifacts …

UNIGINE Superposition

Actually, in the BENCHMARK section, you should mark PERFORMANCE and … You need to choose the optimal settings to take up all the memory. For example, Resolution – 7680 x 4320 (8K); Shader Quality – Medium; Textures Quality – High. It remains to start the test with the RUN button .


The above programs allow you to check the video card for the performance of Windows 11. It is advisable to test it before buying from your hands. For example, the FurMark test will not notice 80% of cases of memory problems. The test passes quietly, but freezes in the game with artifacts.

As mentioned earlier, consider reviewing each graphics card separately. Experienced users know how risky it is to get an RTX 3060 Ti with Hynix memory chips. The sellers won’t tell you about it, everything works fine… We don’t recommend it after mining.

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