Hollywood Super Star Chris Hemsworth Biography: Height, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & More

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Chris Hemsworth a well known Hollywood star has an inspiring life journey. In this Chris Hemsworth Biography, explore the details of his early life, career, family and many more. Australian actor Christopher Hemsworth AM was born on August 11, 1983.

Before starting a film career in Hollywood, he gained notoriety for his role as Kim Hyde in the Australian television series Home and Away (2004–2007). Hemsworth first played Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the 2011 movie of the same name. He most recently returned to the character in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), which made him one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

Chris Hemsworth Biography: Details

BornChristopher Hemsworth
Date of Birth11 August 1983 (age 40)
Place of BirthMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
EducationHeathmont College
OccupationsActor, Producer
Years Active2002–present
Birth NameChristopher Hemsworth
NicknamesKip, Chris
Height6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
HobbiesSurfing, Music, Sports
Favorite ColorBlack
Favorite FoodPizza
Eye ColorBlue
SpouseElsa Pataky (married in 2010)
RelativesLuke Hemsworth (brother),
Liam Hemsworth (brother),
Joanne van Os (aunt)
Real Estate Properties– Malibu Home: $4.8 million
– Byron Bay Mansion: $15 million
– Australian Farmhouse: $7 million
– Los Angeles Home: $3.45 million
Car Collection– AUDI R8 V10
– Toyota Land Cruiser
– Mercedes C63 AMG
– Mercedes V250d
– Land Rover Defender
Chris Hemsworth Biography: Details


Chris Hemsworth Biography

Christopher Hemsworth, who we all know as Chris Hemsworth, was born on August 11, 1983, in the lively city of Melbourne, Australia. He’s the middle child in his family, sandwiched between his older brother Luke, born in 1980, and his younger brother Liam, who came along in 1990. What’s fascinating about the Hemsworth brothers is that they all found success in the world of acting.

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Exploring His Heritage

Chris comes from a diverse family background. On his mom’s side, his granddad was a Dutch immigrant, and his grandmother was of Irish descent. His dad’s family tree has a mix of English, Scottish, and German roots. This melting pot of heritage has certainly added to Chris’s unique charm and charisma.

Growing Up Adventurous

Chris’s spent his early years in both the bustling city of Melbourne and the rugged Outback in Bulman, Northern Territory. He often looks back on his time in the vast wilderness, surrounded by crocs and buffalo, with fond memories. These adventures in the Outback left a deep impression on him, shaping his character and fostering a profound love for nature.

Chris recalls

“My earliest memories were on the cattle stations up in the Outback, and then we moved back to Melbourne and then back out there and then back again. Most of my childhood was in Melbourne, but my most vivid memories were up there [in Bulman] with crocodiles and buffalo. It was a very different way of life,”.

Educational Journey

For his high school years, Chris attended Heathmont College. However, the Hemsworths were no strangers to moving. They returned to the Northern Territory for a while before relocating to the picturesque Phillip Island. These transitions between city life and the wild Outback likely contributed to Chris’s versatility as an actor, enabling him to adapt to various roles seamlessly.

Heading to Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth’s journey to Hollywood stardom was marked by dedication and unwavering commitment to his craft. His path from Australia to the dazzling lights of Hollywood stands as a testament to his talent and determination.

The turning point in Chris’s career arrived when he got the chance to audition for roles in the fiercely competitive Hollywood industry. His charisma, good looks, and undeniable acting skills quickly caught the eye of casting directors and producers. Chris movies didn’t take long for him to land his first significant roles, setting the stage for his rise to fame.

Becoming Thor

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One role that propelled Chris movies into the global spotlight was portraying the iconic character of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. chris hemsworth thor movies portrayal of the Norse God of Thunder left audiences in awe of his compelling performance and physical transformation. Hemsworth’s dedication to the role, including rigorous physical training, paid off as he became a fan favorite and a Hollywood A-lister.

Chris Hemsworth Movies List

Year RangeWork Highlights
2002–2010– 2002: King Arthur in “Guinevere Jones” (TV)
– 2002: Guest appearance in “Neighbours” (TV)
– 2006: Contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”
– 2009: George Kirk in “Star Trek”
– 2009: Kale Garrity in “A Perfect Getaway”
– 2010: Sam in “Ca$h”
– 2010: Named as one of Hollywood’s young actors
pushing onto the A-List
2011–2015– 2011: Cast as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic
Universe (MCU)
– 2012: “The Avengers” as Thor
– 2012: “The Cabin in the Woods”
– 2012: “Snow White and the Huntsman” as the
– 2013: “Rush” as James Hunt
– 2013: “Thor: The Dark World” as Thor
– 2015: “Blackhat”
– 2015: “In the Heart of the Sea” as Owen Chase
2016–present– 2016: “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” as Eric
the Huntsman
– 2016: “Ghostbusters” as Kevin
– 2017: “Thor: Ragnarok” as Thor
– 2018: “Avengers: Infinity War” as Thor
– 2019: “Avengers: Endgame” as Thor
– 2019: “Men in Black: International”
– 2020: “Extraction”
– 2020: “Thor: Love and Thunder” as Thor
– 2021: “Limitless” (Documentary series) with
Darren Aronofsky
2021-2023– Upcoming: Extraction 2 movie
– Upcoming: “Mad Max: Fury Road” spin-off “Furiosa”
– Upcoming: “Transformers One” (voice role)
Chris Hemsworth Biography: Chris Hemsworth Movies List

If you are searching “chris hemsworth movies on netflix” then you can out the most recent movie Extraction 2 as of now. According to the IMDB, this movie has 7.0/10 star, which highlights the remarkable success of the thriller and action of it. However, if you are wondering to watch the TRAILER then it would absolutely win your heart.

chris hemsworth next movie is Furiosa, which will be releasing on 2024. Another predicted to be a blockbuster hit. Though, chris hemsworth movies on netflix amazingly attract viewers, making it on high rank.

Chris Hemsworth Awards

2020People’s Choice AwardsFavorite Movie ActorNominated
2020People’s Choice AwardsFavorite Action Movie ActorWinner
2005Logie AwardsMost Popular New Male TalentWinner

Recently, he have recieved AACTA Trialblazer Award


Family and Personal Life

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Chris Hemsworth with his parents; Image credit-gettyimages

Despite the demands of his career, Chris Hemsworth remains deeply committed to his family. He’s a loving husband to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and together, they share three beautiful children. Hemsworth’s devotion to his family offers a glimpse into his down-to-earth nature, away from the glamour of Hollywood.

Chris Hemsworth’s Dating History

Isabel Lucas (2005-2008)

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Chris Hemsworth’s dating life involved a major chapter regarding actress Isabel Lucas before he became a Hollywood celebrity. The adventure of the pair started in 2005 when they came into contact.

 Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas previously appeared on the screen together in “Home and Away.” Isabel Lucas is most known for her appearances in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “Immortals.” Their working together professionally on the Australian soap show first started their romantic relationship. 

The pair was together for three years until divorcing amicably in 2008. Chris and Isabel remained friendly and displaying no symptoms of hatred or hostility during their separation.

Elsa Pataky (2010-Present)

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Image credit- gettyimages

When Chris Hemsworth met Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, his dating life underwent a huge change. When a talent agency introduced them in 2010, their adventure officially began. They dated for a few months before declaring their relationship as official in September. 

In Australia, where Hemsworth grew up, the pair exchanged promises during the Christmas holiday just three months later. They have created a life together over the years, receiving India Rose Pataky as their first child in May 2012. Tristan and Sasha, the couple’s twin sons, were born in March 2014, adding to the family.

 Despite their prosperity, the couple made the choice to move their family from the United States to Byron Bay, an Australian beach town. Despite rumours, their connection is still solid, which makes them fan favourite.

PartnerRelationship PeriodKey Details
Isabel Lucas2005 – 2008– Met during “Home and Away”
– Relationship lasted three years
– Maintained a friendly post-breakup bond
Elsa Pataky2010 – Present– Introduced by a talent agent in 2010
– Married after a few months of dating
– Relocated to Australia with their family
Chris Hemsworth Biography: Relationships

Chris Hemsworth Net worth

Source of IncomeDetails
Film Remuneration– Major income source
– Earns from acting in movies
Profit Shares– Receives profit shares from movies,
particularly from Marvel Studios
– Earned a profit share of 4% to 5%
for starring in Avengers movies
Brand Endorsements– Earns through brand endorsements
– Endorses brands like Tag Heuer and Hugo
Boss with seven-figure deals
Owner of Centr– Owns a personalized health and fitness
application called Centr
– Diversifies income through his venture
Estimated Net Worth– Current estimated net worth is $130 million
– Accumulated wealth from various sources
Chris Hemsworth Biography: Net Worth Details

Chris Hemsworth’s current nett worth is believed to be $130 million. His primary sources of income are the royalties from his films and brand endorsements. He also receives income from profit sharing.

For appearing in the Avengers films, Marvel Studios awarded him a profit share of 4% to 5%. He received $15 million for Avengers Endgame in addition to the profit. Hemsworth has seven-figure endorsement partnerships with the brands Hugo Boss and Tag Heuer, which are included in his portfolio of brands. Additionally, he is the proprietor of Centr, a customised health and exercise programme. 

Chris Hemsworth Fitness

The Marvel movies made Chris Hemsworth famous and super rich. He used to be skinnier, but now he’s super strong and everyone is impressed with his body.

But what’s more impressive is how he helps his fans get fit too. He’s like a fitness guru now. For his latest movie, he’s in the best shape ever. So, how does he do it? Let’s find out.

Cardio for Definition: He does cardio exercises to make his muscles look even better. He does things like running on a treadmill or biking hard.

Weight Lifting for Serious Gains: He goes to the gym a lot, like five times a week. He does weightlifting and works on different muscles. He also does bodyweight exercises.

Combat Sports & Martial Arts: He even does martial arts, like Muay Thai, which is from Thailand.

Fueled By a High Protein Diet: He’s careful about what he eats. He has lots of high-protein meals every day, like chicken and eggs. But he also eats greens, rice, and cheese. And yes, he has cheat days too, with pizza and ice cream. So, even super fit people have treats sometimes.

Philanthropy and Environmental Advocacy

In addition to his acting career, Chris Hemsworth is actively involved in philanthropy and environmental causes. His commitment to preserving the natural beauty of his homeland and addressing important global issues shows his genuine concern for the world we live in.

Chris Hemsworth Biography

In Conclusion

In this Chris Hemsworth Biography, it is highlighted that Chris Hemsworth’s journey from Melbourne to Hollywood is a remarkable story of talent, determination, and a deep connection to his roots. His dedication to his craft, love for family, and passion for making the world a better place set him apart as a superstar both on and off the screen. Chris Hemsworth is more than just a Hollywood heartthrob; he’s an actor with a genuine human touch and a passion for creating positive change.

What makes Chris Hemsworth so well-liked?

Born in Melbourne, Australia on August 11, 1983, Chris Hemsworth, full name Christopher Hemsworth, is an Australian actor best known for playing Thor in multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Why Chris Hemsworth wants to quit Marvel?

Even though the film may not have been a tremendous hit, Chris Hemsworth and the whole cast and crew put forth a lot of effort to bring Thor to the big screen. The actor has chosen to take a hiatus from performing after learning that he had a familial predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease.

What is chris hemsworth age?

chris hemsworth age is 40 Years, born in 11 August, 1983

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