Chrome browser on Android now has page previews

With one of the latest updates to Chrome on Android, a grouping of tabs appeared, and the most recent update brought a convenient page preview. Chrome browser on Android now has page previews, This function allows you to quickly open a tab in a separate reduced window over the main working area of ​​the browser and also quickly close it.

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To open such a preview window, simply hold down the desired link on the page and select “View Page” in the context menu.

A new tab will be displayed on top of the original tab, which can be quickly closed by swiping down, as well as by pressing the “back” button or the cross. You can also expand it to full screen by opening it in a full-fledged tab – for this, click on the button to the right of the title.

This feature will be very useful when you need to quickly see which page is hiding behind a link. However, keep in mind that you cannot open the preview from the preview tab, as well as call the internal context menu.

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