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This article will show you how to set a Windows 11 computer shutdown timer. You can turn off your computer after 10, 30, or 60 minutes. Actually, this can be done literally with one command. I know several ways and third-party software.

For example, how to turn off the computer after 2 hours… There are many scenarios when you may need to automatically turn off your computer. For example, downloading updates, and no matter what, time limit and even watching a movie at night. Just set a timer and later the computer turns off after a specified time.

How to set up automatic computer shutdown

Command to turn off the computer after a time

From the Start context menu, select Windows Terminal (Admin). Run the command: shutdown.exe /s /t 1800 to set the timer to 30 minutes . The /t XXX option specifies the seconds to wait before the computer shuts down. .

“Shutting down in 10 minutes. Save your papers!”Set a timer to turn off after 10 minutes with notification. Don’t forget to save your data.
shutdown.exe /s /t 1800End session after 1800 seconds or 30 minutes.
shutdown /s /t 3600Turn off the computer after 60 minutes or 1 hour.
shutdown /aCancel a scheduled shutdown.
shutdown /?Help display. The same as without the parameter.

You can display a comment with the reason for restarting or shutting down the PC. Use the /c “comment” option , the length should not exceed 512 characters. It is important which quotes are used, suitable: Alt + 0147 and Alt + 0148 (the same: “” – not defined) .

Create Task in Windows 11 Task Scheduler

In the Start menu, type Task Scheduler , then select Run as administrator . In the Scheduler Actions library , select Create a simple task… Then just follow the creation wizard. Plus, you can use the tips below.

1. Name of
a simple task
Computer shutdown timer
Windows 11
2. Trigger
Run task once
start today 18:00
3. Action
program launch
Run program
C:/Windows/System32/shutdown.exe (argument -s)
4. Completion
check parameters
After clicking the button Done , the task is created and added to the Windows schedule.

As a result, your computer will be turned off on 01/27/2022 exactly at 18:00. Of course, you can set the off timer for every day. For example, to limit the time a child uses a computer. What’s the name. the task you created doesn’t matter at all.

Create a shortcut to restart this computer

From the context menu. Just specify the location, plus the object attribute: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 3600 . Enter a label name or leave the default value. To enable the shutdown timer, launch the created shortcut.

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Or open Notepad and paste the suggested text below. Click File > Save As… and name Timer.bat . Please note that we change the standard .txt extension to .bat . Then, just open the file, it will start the shutdown timer after 3600 seconds.


For convenience, memorize a few commands or create a Windows 11 shortcut. It is important to know not only the command to turn off the computer, but also how to cancel a scheduled shutdown. In principle, it is possible to download a third-party application Shutdown Timer Classic or Power Off Timer.


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