This article will show you how to disable S-mode in Windows 10. If you need to install an application that is not in the Store, then you just need to exit S-mode. Please note that the exit is one-way. After disabling it, you will not be able to return to S-mode. Check out its benefits before disabling.

On some devices, users receive an operating system that runs in S mode. The mode itself can be turned off once and for all with just a few clicks. By using apps exclusively from the Microsoft Store, the performance and security of the device will be improved in Windows 10 S mode.

What is disable S-mode in Windows

The user’s computer can be running Windows 10 Home or Pro in S mode. In this case. This is indicated directly in the characteristics (properties of the computer). See basic information about your computer. The operating system in S mode has some limitations.

  • Applications. There is the ability to install applications only from the Store. The installation of classic programs on Windows 10 is already prohibited there by default. Despite the huge number of applications, in most cases their functionality is insufficient. In this mode, the user will not be able to install classic applications.
  • Internet. Surfing is only available in the Microsoft Edge web browser. As there are no normal alternatives in the Microsoft Store. The home page and the actual search engine will be Bing without the possibility of changing. If the Chromium-based Edge browser is very good, then the search engine will at least take a long time to get used to.
  • Protection. The main anti-virus tool is Windows Defender. Although it has radically changed for the better in the latest versions of the operating system, not everyone trusts him. Since the installation of desktop applications is prohibited in S-mode, there is no need to worry about the security of the device.
  • Drivers. All drivers are installed automatically by the operating system. You cannot download a new version of the driver from the official website and install it yourself. You will have to wait for it to be updated in the Microsoft driver database. After that, the system will automatically update it.

Essential developer tools including Windows PowerShell, Linux Bash, and the classic command line are also available in S mode. But if you try to install third-party software, an error will be displayed. Since you are only allowed to get apps from the Windows 10 Store.

How to get out of disable S-mode Windows

Go to Settings >  Update & Security  >  Activation . Now, under Switch to Windows 10 Home  or  Switch to Windows 10 Professional,  select  Go to Store .

In the Microsoft Store window that opens , on the Switch from Safe Mode (S-Mode) page, click the Get button . Wait until the installation is complete, after restarting your computer you will receive the full version of the operating system.

Note that the current location may have a link to Update Windows OS Edition . It can be confused with the task we need, it is a completely different process that will leave you in S-mode.



S-mode replaced a separate version of Windows 10 S. It assumed a paid upgrade to full-fledged Windows 10. This was very negatively received by users, and in 2018 Microsoft abandoned Windows 10 S in favor of S-mode, which is completely free to disable.

The operating system in S mode is severely limited in functionality. Most of the possibilities are simply not available. For example, Hyper-V virtual machine, remote desktops, BitLocker encryption and much more become available only after disabling Windows 10 S-mode.


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