From the official Microsoft website, you can download original Windows 10 distribution. It is better to have a bootable USB flash drive to restore or update the OS. You can download the official distributions for free. If something happens, then you can reinstall the system.

This article will show you how to download a Windows 10 distribution from Microsoft. There are many ways to download the official ISO image. For example, even from the office. site can be downloaded instead of Media Creation Tool immediately ISO file. Perhaps this opportunity will no longer exist in the future.

Download original Windows 10 ISO image

Windows 10 setup program

Means for creating installation media allows you to download the original ISO image. With it, you can both update the operating system and create a bootable USB flash drive or download the Windows 10 distribution kit.

On the Microsoft website , download the installer Windows 10. It is also known as a Media Creation Tool. Click  Download Tool Now and then  Run . Administrator rights are required to run it.

Download original Windows 10

Windows 10 setup prompts you to update this PC now. You need to select Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) . We are interested in the official ISO image.

Now choose your language, architecture and edition, or use the recommended settings for your computer. In the architecture, you can select a separate assembly of 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64), or both at once .

Download original Windows 10

Mark the ISO file and select the path to save the file. Next, the Windows 10 boot process will start. You can safely continue using your computer. Wait for the download of the ISO file from Microsoft servers to complete.

Download distribution kit from Microsoft website

Important! You can download Windows 10 from the phone on the official Microsoft website. You cannot select the version and download the image from the computer on the website. It’s good that the developer tools in the browser allow you to show the site that it was opened from a mobile device.

You can follow the link from your smartphone and download the distribution kit. It is not difficult to upload it to your computer and create a bootable drive. And you don’t have to play with browser developer tools. Although they are present in all modern browsers.

On the Microsoft Web site, open the Developer Tools browser by pressing the Ctrl + I of the Shift + . In tools, you can change the device for viewing content. At the top, enter the mobile aspect ratio screen extension, for example 1000×800 and refresh the page.

Probably, Microsoft assumes that the capabilities of the Media Creation Tool and the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant are enough for you. However, users need the ability to easily download the distribution kit from the site.

Download the official Windows 10 image

The rg-adguard.net service contains distributions for all versions of Windows 10. You can also select previous operating systems. Choose a product, version, edition, language, and the actual available file. Click the Download button and wait for the distribution to finish downloading.

How to download a Windows 10 image in Rufus

Directly in the Rufus program, you need to click Show application settings , and change the value of the Check for updates item   to  Daily . Now you can download the required version of the Windows 10 distribution.

Select the version, release, edition, language, and architecture of the system image. Now click Download and check  Download using browser if it makes it easier. You just have no idea how useful this function is.

Windows ISO Downloader

It’s hard to talk about the usefulness of the Windows ISO Downloader application. There are many ways to download the official Windows 10 image. Find other Microsoft products in the appendix.

Select Windows 10> Specify Edition> Select Product Language . Now you can immediately download the Windows 10 32 or 64 bit image. Better to copy the link for 64 bit and paste it into the address bar.

Download original Windows 10

So, firstly, you make sure that the image is downloaded directly from the Microsoft website. And secondly, you will download the official distribution kit directly in your working browser. This is really more reliable than looking for a disk image on third-party resources.


  • You can download the ISO image (official distribution) of Windows 10 directly from their website. Although by default Microsoft offers a media creation tool for download. Or the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant itself. But it doesn’t inspire confidence.
  • To update to the latest version of Windows 10, it’s best to do a clean install. Download the original disk image. You use the  programs to create bootable media and install Windows 10. The good news is that the installation process is now simple.
  • Note. A few months ago, even with the developer tools, it was not possible to download the distribution. There were problems even on mobile devices. Now we have restored the ability to download an ISO file directly from your mobile device.


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