This article will show you how to enable AMD FreeSync. If you connect a monitor that supports the technology, then Radeon Software will automatically start using it. Not long ago NVIDIA implemented FreeSync support. It also sometimes needs to be turned on on the monitor itself.

Many users have heard of AMD FreeSync technology. In theory, it makes the gameplay faster and smoother. By changing the refresh rate of the display when new frames appear. Requires a display and graphics card with Radeon FreeSync ™ support.

What is AMD FreeSync


According to AMD itself : using AMD FreeSync technology, the refresh rate of the screen is synchronized with the frame rate of video cards. This eliminates input lag, screen tearing, and interruptions during gameplay and even video playback.

How it works : occasionally the second frame is late to the screen. The video card does not have time to render the frame and it is displayed with distortion or is skipped altogether. The first frame is displayed to you, and the unit of screen refresh still delays the second.

Once enabled, AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes GPU and monitor data. The refresh rate of the display becomes dynamic instead of static. This allows you to show incoming frames on time. No distortion or twitching of the picture.

All AMD FreeSync technologies provide smooth gameplay without artifacts or interruptions. At CES 2020, a new level was demonstrated – AMD FreeSync Premium, and later FreeSync 2 HDR. Its main difference is the refresh rate of at least 120 Hz at FHD.

DisplayMonitor, TV, or laptop with Radeon FreeSync technology, APU / GPU with FreeSync support, and the latest driver.
Video cardAMD: Radeon RX 200 series (R5 / R7 / R9 200) and newer (all Radeon consumer graphics cards using GCN 2.0 architecture or later).NVIDIA: Such as GeForce 10 series and newer (supporting DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync technology, also compatible with AMD Red FreeSync technology).
InterfaceDisplayPort or HDMI connection. Compatible Desktop APUs (e.g. Ryzen). The motherboard must have a connector.

AMD Radeon Software

Under Settings> Display, find AMD FreeSync or VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) . Select Enabled to activate the refresh rate technology.

Or select a specific game profile under Games> Computer Games and search for AMD FreeSync . Select On instead of the Optimized AMD setting .

NVIDIA Control Panel

You can enable AMD FreeSync compatibility on NVIDIA graphics cards. Go to 3D Settings> Manage 3D Settings and select Monitor Technology on G-SYNC Compatible .

And under Display> G-SYNC Setting, select Enable in Windowed and Full Screen Mode . In some versions of the driver, this section of the settings is still in English.

How to ENABLE AMD FREESYNC on the monitor

Gaming monitors have proprietary software in which you can actually enable AMD FreeSync. For example, the OnScreenControl app for LG monitors. Or directly in the interface (menu) of your monitor. On mine, you can only change the response time.

As previously stated, my Samsung S24B350 monitor does not support AMD FreeSync. Fortunately, we managed to add support for the technology using the Custom Resolution Utility . And the drivers found the monitor, but with FreeSync (or DP Adaptive-Sync) support.

The extension unit Extension Block is necessary to select the Type:  the CEA-861 click Edit … Now, in the section Data Blocks  by clicking Add …  , select FreeSync range and enter the range 50-60 Hz .

Important! Prior to enabling the FreeSync range, Radeon drivers wrote that the technology was not supported. And in the game profile, although AMD was optimized, as you understand it did not work. And with its help, it turned out to overclock the hertzovka up to 75 Hz.

How to check if AMD FreeSync is working

Let’s understand in a nutshell how to check if AMD FreeSync is working. You can use the test from AMD FreeSync Windmill Demo. This is a rotating blade mill. It is the breaks without the inclusion of FreeSync and V-Sync that are very noticeable and “hurt” the eyes. 


All gaming monitors support AMD FreeSync technology (more expensive FreeSync Premium). The refresh rate of the screen becomes dynamic and synchronized with the frame rate of the video card. As you understand, it removes various kinds of artefacts. Modern graphics cards support FreeSync (both AMD and NVIDIA). You can enable AMD FreeSync technology directly in the video card drivers. If you do not have support on the monitor, do not worry, then you can try to activate it (programmatically).


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