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Several antivirus programs can capture a suspicious FileRepMalware event. Detect this potential security threat – AVG and Avast

What is this virus?

FileRepMalware is simply a mark (or tag) that antivirus programs assign to a file. This is often due to the insecure KMSPico software used to activate unregistered Microsoft products. This security threat has been around for several years, formerly known as Win32: Evo-gen.

In the case of Avast, a file is marked as potentially unsafe by FileRepMalware if it meets the following criteria:

  1. Not added to the antivirus exclusion list.
  2. Not signed by any publisher or the antivirus does not trust the signature.
  3. Not common enough. This means that not enough users have tried to download or run the file yet.

When it comes to the DomainRepMalware virus, the fourth condition is also considered. The domain is not widespread enough. That is, an insignificant part of users downloaded applications from this domain.

If the security risk is real, FileRepMalware is not the most dangerous of the malware group. According to experts, this malicious program is only capable of installing advertisements on the infected computer and has no Trojan horse capabilities.

How real is the security threat?

Antiviruses can mark a file as suspicious, but this does not mean that the threat is real. Avast and AVG are known to cause a lot of false positives when it comes to analyzing applications that are suspected to be infected with the FileRepMalware virus.

Avast marks the file with FileRepMalware as a warning that the number of hits to it from users of this antivirus is negligible. Although the antivirus program does not indicate the level of danger, it does give an idea of ​​how much it is in demand.

A file is given a flag when it has a low reputation score. This usually happens with hacked applications, but also due to false positives.

A quick way to determine the reality of a threat is to check the file in the VirusTotal database. To do this, upload it to the VirusTotal website and wait for the scan results.

If the number of scanners that identified a file as infected is less than 15, then this may indicate a false positive.

How to remove FileRepMalware?

If the VirusTotal check showed that the file is actually infected with a virus, you need to take appropriate steps to remove the virus code. According to experts, Malwarebytes is the most effective security scanner that comes with a free package.

In the event of a false positive, a different approach will have to be taken. You can solve the problem by updating your antivirus to the latest version. AVG and Avast are automatically updated when there is a new virus signature. However, manual modification or another application might prevent this possibility. So try updating your antivirus manually.

If you continue to encounter the warning, upgrade to a different antivirus package or activate Windows Defender.

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