Google released Chrome 64 for Android

With the release of mobile Chrome 89, Google began rolling out the 64-bit version of the browser. It shows significant performance improvements but is only available for fairly powerful and newer smartphones. When updating, the system will check the characteristics and install the required version (32- or 64-bit), you do not need to configure anything yourself.

The minimum requirements are 8GB of RAM and Android 10 and above. If you have the right device and have automatic Chrome updates enabled, open your browser and go to chrome: // version. The new version must have a postscript (64-bit).

Screenshot: ghacks

In addition to faster page loading, Chrome 64 will offer improved security, energy efficiency, and new features not available in the 32-bit version. Nevertheless, both options will be developed in parallel: Google will not leave a significant part of Android devices without support.

Many Android users suddenly find that their smartphone does not meet the system requirements for Chrome 64. What about you? Did you manage to update?

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