Only the best graphics cards should be used for mining in 2021. Not all graphics cards are suitable for efficient mining of cryptocurrency. With the release of new graphics cards, prices for old ones are dropping significantly, which makes the previous flagship models the best. Choose the best graphics cards in terms of price, performance and power consumption.

This article contains the best GPUs for mining this year. Which video card is the best for mining? Yes, everything is just the one that pays for itself faster. This means that its power consumption should be low. At the same time, the price is normal and the performance is decent. This means all flagship cards RTX 2070, 2080, and even more so 2080 Ti immediately disappear due to the long payback period.

GeForce GTX 1060

GeForce GTX 1060,graphics cards for mining

Ethash / Zhash Hashrate22.5 Mh / s   / 32.5 h / s ± 5%
Memory / core frequency8008 MHz / 1506 MHz
Volume / Type / Throughput6 GB / GDDR5 / 192 Bit
Power consumption / Add. food120W / 1 x 6-pin

Only GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB is suitable for mining, the 3 GB version no longer works with Ethereum. Its main advantage is not only low power consumption but also the price (it costs five times cheaper than the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti). It has become a favourite of users not only in cryptocurrency mining but also for comfortable gaming in FullHD resolution.

Radeon RX 580

Radeon RX 580

Ethash / Zhash Hashrate30.2 Mh / s   / 21 h / s ± 5%
Memory / core frequency8000 MHz / 1257 MHz
Volume / Type / Throughput8 GB / GDDR5 / 256 Bit
Power consumption / Add. food185 W / 1 x 8-pin

The direct competitor of the GeForce GTX 1060 in the face of the Radeon RX580 shows not only similar results in games, but also in mining. It has also been ranked among the best value for money graphics cards for several years. With a relatively low power consumption, the Radeon RX580 provides the expected level in the mining of Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Radeon RX Vega 56

Radeon RX Vega 56

Ethash / Zhash Hashrate36 Mh / s   / 34 h / s ± 5%
Memory / core frequency800 MHz / 1156 MHz
Volume / Type / Throughput8 GB / HBM2 / 2048 Bit
Power consumption / Add. food210 W / 2 x 8-pin

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics cards have dropped in price recently. In mining, it is more efficient in comparison with the GeForce GTX 1070. Although, in turn, it has significantly more power consumption. Occasionally users complain of overheating, which means that a normally ventilated case is simply needed, and, if possible, an unreferenced version of the video card.

GeForce  GTX 1070

GeForce  GTX 1070

Ethash / Zhash Hashrate30 Mh / s   / 56 h / s ± 5%
Memory / core frequency8000 MHz / 1607 MHz
Volume / Type / Throughput8 GB / GDDR5 / 256 Bit
Power consumption / Add. food150 W / 1 x 8-pin

This is a great graphics card not only suitable for a gaming computer, but also for mining. In terms of the ratio of price, performance and energy consumption, it is optimal for cryptocurrency mining. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card is quite popular among miners. Many consider it the best option for the long term.

Radeon RX 5700

Radeon RX 5700

Ethash / Zhash Hashrate50 Mh / s   / 80 h / s ± 5%
Memory / core frequency14000 MHz / 1605 MHz
Volume / Type / Throughput8 GB / GDDR6 / 256 Bit
Power consumption / Add. food180 W / 1 x 8-pin, 1 x 6-pin

The performance of the Radeon RX5700 video card in mining is comparable to the RX5700 XT version, but the latter is much more expensive. They are designed on the basis of a new architecture, their potential has not yet been fully revealed. Updating drivers can both positively and negatively affect the situation. In the process of mining Ethereum, its performance slightly exceeds the level of the GeForce RTX2080.

GeForce  GTX 1080 Ti

GeForce  GTX 1080 Ti

Ethash / Zhash Hashrate49.5 Mh / s / 86 h / s ± 5%
Memory / core frequency11000 MHz / 1582 MHz
Volume / Type / Throughput11 GB / GDDR5X / 352 Bit
Power consumption / Add. food250 W / 1 x 8-pin, 1 x 6-pin

The flagship graphics  GeForce  GTX 1080 Ti of last year remains relevant in the new 2021. Although its price has hardly dropped even after the release of the successor in the person of RTX. It is still one of the most popular video cards for playing 4K. This is one of the best video cards in terms of price-quality ratio. The model is the most popular video card, ideal for mining.


To determine which video card is still better for mining, you can use various profitability calculators. All data on cryptocurrency mining algorithms may change several times a year. You can also look at video cards for games 2021: PRICE – QUALITY. Some video cards fully comply with this ratio.

Oddly enough, it is the Radeon RX580 and GTX 1060 video cards that pay off the fastest, although they show average performance. All thanks to the middle price segment. The manufacturers managed to create a top for their money not only for games but also for mining. Now it is not recommended to buy cheaper versions of these cards without video ports. graphics cards for mining

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