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Only a healthy person fully enjoys all the benefits of life. Beauty and health are closely related to each other. But many people, striving for beauty, often forget about their health.

The ideal of beauty usually coincides with the ideal of health. The skin is a mirror that reflects all the malfunctions of the body. The good appearance of the skin depends not only on proper hygienic and cosmetic care, but, first of all, on the general condition of the body. Often, in appearance, one can presumably judge certain diseases. So, with a sharp pallor of the skin of the face, anemia can be suspected, as the people often call anemia. Yellowness of the skin and sclera of the eyes suggests the diagnosis – liver disease. A number of diseases (inflammation of the appendages, endocrine disorders, liver stones) give manifestations on the skin in the form of age spots. Excessive growth of facial hair in women indicates an endocrine disease. Gastrointestinal tract problems (colitis, gastritis,

Postponed serious diseases, disorders of the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular systems, as well as any, even at first glance, “trifling” ailments, weaken the general resistance of the body, always worsen the condition of the skin, change its color, reduce elasticity and, of course, contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

Overwork, especially long-term, cannot but affect the general state of health and, of course, the appearance. A tired, sluggish appearance of a person is always noticeable to others. But our fatigue is not always associated with overload in work or classes: often it is just a consequence of disorganization, night vigils at the computer.

For the health of the body, and, therefore, the skin, proper nutrition is of considerable importance. Watch your weight! Sudden fluctuations in weight are a bad indicator. The skin does not keep pace with our experiments with diets, and instead of the joy of losing weight, you can get the “Shar Pei effect” (wrinkles and folds all over the body). Remember: in nutrition, the skin loves moderation, balance and daily consumption of vegetables and fruits.

One of the reasons for skin aging and a poor complexion is the lack of vitamins in food. Vitamins are needed all year round. In summer and autumn, there are many of them in products. But then March comes, nature comes to life, and sometimes we do not understand why lethargy, drowsiness appeared, new wrinkles were outlined. It turns out that we forgot about vitamins. Currently, the network of pharmacies has a fairly large selection of vitamin complexes. Recommendations for their use are usually provided in the annotations, which must be clearly followed.

We all know how being in the fresh air paints a person. In summer, it is good to spend your free time somewhere near the water, sunbathe on the seashore. The sun has long been considered a source of health, youth and beauty. However, the sun’s gentle rays are deceiving: be careful not to overheat. Sunbathing is useful in the morning from 8 to 10-11 o’clock, when the rays are rich in ultraviolet light, which causes tanning.

Acquiring a beautiful tan, the skin is at the same time hardened, its resistance to various diseases increases – the sun’s rays “disinfect” the skin, killing a number of pathogens. Under the influence of sunlight, vitamins A and D are formed in the surface layers of the skin, which are absolutely necessary for proper skin metabolism. But do not forget the downside – the immoderate and prolonged action of the sun contributes to skin fading, reduces elasticity, ages prematurely, and most importantly, in the birthmarks and age spots existing from birth, the process of degeneration of normal cells into cancerous cells can start. But we will talk about this in May, on the eve of World Melanoma Diagnostic Day. And now we will repeat once again: healthy, clean and elastic skin, thick shiny hair, a slender trained body – this is what you need to achieve, caring for yourself. We should consider the skin not only as a means of protection from rain and sun rays, but also as one of the most important organs of our body, without the continuous activity of which neither health nor longevity is inconceivable.

Skin care and its problems are very dependent on the type of skin, but more on that in the next article.

Elena Grishkova, doctor of hygiene education

 BU “Surgut City Center for Medical Prevention”

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