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There are already no less than 2,823 different emojis. The list of emojis is increasingly diverse. you can find them with curly hair, in the shape of a superhero, a kangaroo, or as a pirate flag. But, if you don’t have enough with the entire standard catalog, you can also make them to your liking. There are many applications and sites with which you can create your own emojis and show them off later on your social networks and in conversations with friends on WhatsApp, Telegram, or Snapchat. Some are very simple and with others, you can have a good time until your creation is perfect.

With the Gboard keyboard

If you have installed the Google keyboard app -available for both iOS and Android. -, now you can also create custom emojis from your selfie. The process is very simple. we warn you that it is easy for you to spend hours and hours trying different looks.

All you have to do is open the Google keyboard and go to the stickers section. Select the “+” option to create a new ” thumbnails” package. The phone’s camera will open and you can take the selfie that will serve as the basis for the personalized emoji. Gboard automatically generates the avatar and creates three packs of you-inspired thumbnails – emoji thumbnails, cute thumbnails, and cheeky thumbnails – that you can customize by changing hair, features, clothing, etc. The resemblance to reality is not perfect (don’t expect an exact cartoon), but they will give you a lot of play on WhatsApp, for example.

With Bitmoji

Another classic tool for making custom avatars is Bitmoji (you have it for iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension ). Once you have downloaded it, you can register by logging in with Snapchat or with your email. As in Gboard, the first thing you will have to do is take a selfie. From the avatar created by the application, you will be able to modify the eyes, the hairstyle or the outfit so that it resembles you as much as you can also create custom emojisBitmoji combines this personalized avatar with hundreds of emojis by categories (to say good morning, congratulate someone, ask for forgiveness …). They are fun stickers with so many possibilities that many times you will not know which one to decide on. You can save them and use them as a profile photo, or in social networks and messaging apps. If you have Gboard configured, they will also appear directly from the keyboard.

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