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On Google, you continue to search for ways to increase Instagram Follower on Instagram, everywhere on bing .Do not forget to read the 4th, 8th and 16th tips from this whole article . Because I use these methods myself.And yes, one thing should be kept in mind that all the articles written to increase the follower on Instagram on the internet will only give you incomplete knowledge.Downloading this app, etc. does not increase hour followers. The reverse instagram blocks your account due to invalid activity.Below are 21 ways to increase followers on instagram. Which includes all such working methods, which can actually boost your followers. So let’s know immediately how to increase followers on instagram?

1. Customize your Instagram profile 

● Put a nice image of yourself on the instagram profile. It would be better to edit the photo before putting it on the profile. Because it is believed that people using face profile pic grow more followers than those without face image profile. To edit photos, photoshop, picsart etc. Can use

● Whenever posting photos , use the filters of instagram once . If your pics are not showing well with filters, then do not use them at all.

● Write complete information about yourself in the about section on Instagram profile. Keep in mind that they should be in short and be interesting. Also be sure to use the hastag (#) releted from your field .

● Must add a link to blog / website / youtube. This will increase your profile value.

● Keep the profile visible to public, not private. You will see that all popular people on instagram have their profile public. And anyone can follow them.

2. Post on trending topics

There are many trends coming in the world of Internet. But do you know how much these trends can increase your followers?For example, recently the case of tiktok vs youtube is trending on the internet.During which people are taking full advantage of public sentiments and increasing their followers.You can resort to google trends to know about such trends . Because through this you will get information about the latest trends in the specific area.You should also take advantage of these trends and post related to them. By which you will also get full benefit of public sentiments.

3. Post Regular and use the Hashtag  

Instagram Follower

Ig Followers Link 2Ig Followers Link 3

● Yes you regularly put quality contents on your instagram account and also use 10-15 proper hastag with it. There is some hastag on which crores follower. 

Like, #love, like4like, #instabudy and many more. Which you can find on insta.

 ● Tag the releted logo from that field in your post. You can use @name to tag a logo. Remember to tag those people who have been releted from this post.

4. Follow people randomly (pro tip)

Yes newbie This is absolutely true. And verified method. Which I also use to make followers. You don’t have to do anything, just follow the logo randomly.

Now this does not mean that you started following blindly. You have to follow 50 to 100 in the whole day. Do not do more than this.

 If you follow 100 people on instagram, then 20 people will definitely follow you back. By doing this you can collect 1000+ follower .

5. Collaborate with others

Many social media celebrities have tried this method in their early stages. 

If you want, you can increase followers on instagram in no time by adopting this method.

Often you will see a lot of youtubers trying this method. They create videos together.

Which leads to a rapid increase in the subscribers of all of them. You also have to do something similar.

 Actually you can create photos and video clips with any other instagram influencer and put them on insta.  

Or ask them to do the same, this method is very effective and instantly boosts your followers.

6. Create an account from facebook on Insta

These are very useful tips. Which I also use myself. My experience suggests that this is a lallan top way to increase followers on Instagram.

Knowing the reason behind this, your faith will also be strengthened in this way. 

Whenever we create an account on instagram using facebook. So our facebook friends who are on instagram. We are shown in his suggestions.

Whenever this happens, friends of recognition will definitely follow you on instagram.

7. Link Facebook to instagram




● This is also an important step to increase followers. You add a link to Instagram on your Facebook. 

So that people who visit your Facebook account also know about your instagram account.

● Share a post on Facebook, in which tell your facebook friend that you are on instagram. With which they will be able to follow you.

8. Use Keywords in Bio

Using keywords in your insta bio might be a better idea. 

Because as far as my experience says. According to that information like insta bio and name etc. Indexed by search engines like google.

If your insta account ranked in google on a popular keyword. So no one can stop your followers’ figures from growing.

For this you can use keyword research tool like ubersuggest.

9. Promote on Blog / website 

 If you are a blogger, then increasing followers is not a big deal for you. Tell your readers to follow. 

Because they read your articles, they will definitely like to stay connected with you. So from today on your website, definitely put a link to Instagram account.

You can also mention this in your post and also add a link to insta account in social widget.

10. Put instagram link in youtube discription

If you have a youtube channel, then there is no need to bother for followers. Because if you ask people in your videos to follow them on insta, then they will not ignore you soon. 

If he is your subscribers, then your followers will increase by 100%. For this, you must add a link to insta in the discription of youtube video.

11. Tag location in an Instagram post 

Whenever you post something on instagram, you must use this trick. Because when you tag the location in your instagram post, then that post is visible to the specific users of that area, thereby increasing the chances of increasing followers and likes on insta to a great extent.

Obviously, if you do not tag the location, then your posts will be visible only to your followers. 

Instagram cannot distribute your post to the whole world. But if you tag the location then you can send that post to the people of specific location.

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12. Post on Trending Topic

This instagram can prove to be a powerful way to increase par follower. If you want to boost your instagram followers then always post on trending topic.

 Because by posting on trending topics, you will be able to attract users. And your followers will definitely increase.

13. Use Engaging Captions

If you want to attract people. So you should use engaging captions. If you want to attract people through your post. 

Then it becomes necessary to enter caption. Because people often look at caption more than photos. You can make your instagram post meaningfull by using captions.

14. Post this day for more Engagements

If you want maximum engagement on your instagram post. So you should take full care of the day and time. Because through this you can increase engagement and likes on your post.

● The best time to post to get more followers on Instagram is from evening 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM. Research says that most users are active on Instagram at this time.

● Wednesday is the best day to post on Instagram. Because on wednesday most users are active on insta.

15. Post Instagram stories

Putting a story on Instagram is also not a bad job. That’s why you must put stories on instagram. And take care that whatever story you are putting on instagram, be a little professional. And be able to engage users. 

Users often like funny things. But you should always focus on that your insta followers belong to a particular category. So that engagement on your post can increase.

You can use many video editing tools for this. Like kinemaster, movie maker etc.

16. Tag Location

Whenever you make a new post on instagram. So do not forget to tag local location at all.

Because by tagging the local location, people around you who are on instagram. They also show your post on feed.

So people who know you. They too will follow you on instagram. In this way you will get tremendous benefit.

17. Use Instagram Ads

If you are running an insta account under a brand name. So in the initial stages you can use instagram ads to increase the number of instagram followers.

Instagram ads are an effective way to promote a brand. But only when it is used correctly.

However, if you are indivudual and cannot invest money for this, then stay away from this method. 

18. Use Instagram managing tool

I know you don’t have time So much to do. You cannot be active on regular instagram. Or you cannot give this much time to insta. So there is also a solution for this.

You can keep your account updated by using instagram managing tools. You can set the time and date of your post. These tools will automatically post the sheduled post on instagram.

With the help of these social media management tools, you can also handle your other social media accounts. Which will save your time.

Big compnies and celebrity’s manage their instagram account using these tools. These tools are often free. 

Professionals also use paid tools. But for a new instagramiyan it is better to use free tools.

For example, Buffer , crowdfire, Hootsuite Wagaira – Wagaira .

19. How to increase followers on Instagram without app

Friends, you will find many such articles on the internet. Where many apps and websites are told about. With which you can boost followers on your instagram in just a few minutes. 

But if you use these tools, then your instagram account can be banned. You also do not get targeted followers with the help of these tools. 

If you increase the follower by using these apps, then sometimes those followers are automatically reduced and your instagram is also hacked. So never increase followers in this way.

And instagram came to know about this illegal activity of yours. So without any warning your account may be suspended.

20. App to Increase Instagram Follower 

There are many apps on Instagram to increase followers. You can download any of them and install them. And follow the steps given below –

Step 1. Open the App.

Step 2. Login using your Instagram user id and password.

Step 3. Now type as many followers you want or select from the dropdown menu.

Step 4. Click on Get followers. 

Congratulations will start growing followers on your Instagram in no time. Keep in mind that all apps are frauds. 

In such a situation, after increasing the follower, do not forget to change the password of your Insta. Otherwise, cyber crime can also happen to you.

Note: Sometimes this trick does not work. But in some cases this trick works. I would not advise you to use this trick at all.

21. Website to Increase Instagram Follower

There are many websites in the internet to increase followers on instagram. Only need to identify a trusted website. For this, you may have to do a little research.

 Because most websites are fraudulent and hack your Instagram account. Therefore, use this trick only after taking complete information carefully.

Most followers who increase followers steal your account access and follow their clintes from your account. 

 Be careful, be cautious, it is in your well being. Otherwise you may have to go through a bad phase.

While going :

Hope you have understood these tips and tricks to Increase Instagram Follower . 

If you read this post completely and follow it. Then you will definitely understand how to increase followers on Instagram?

So friends, how did you find this post related to increasing followers on Instagram, we will definitely tell you by commenting in the comment box. 

If there is any problem, you can still ask by commenting. We will be happy to assist you.


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