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The .Appx, .AppxBundle and .MsixBundle file formats are trusted applications from the Microsoft Store. Packages include name, description and permissions along with binaries. Microsoft allows you to download and install Appx from third party sources.This article will show you how to install Appx and AppxBundle applications on Windows 10. The extension is not very familiar to most users. Because, by default, the installation of applications from unreliable sources is prohibited (only from the Microsoft Store).

What are .Appx and .AppxBundle

Metro apps first appeared in the Windows 8.1 operating system. Next, we introduced universal UWP apps with the release of the new Windows 10 operating system. Apps with .appx and .appxbundle extensions are distributed through the built-in Store.

  • Appx is an application installation package format for the Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. It is used by developers when packaging and publishing applications in the Windows Store.
  • Msix is a Windows application package format for packaging in an enhanced way.  Supports modern packaging and deployment features.

All Windows 10 Store programs are stored in .appx, .appxbundle, or .msixbundle format. The Microsoft Store not only downloads the app, but also installs it automatically. The user won’t even see the installer file with the .appx extension.

How to download .appx and .appxBundle

Adguard service allows you to download applications from the Microsoft Store. You download the installer with the .appx or .appxbundle extension (the .msixbundle format is still newer). It is recommended that you download applications directly from trusted sources only.

Open (an online link generator for the Microsoft Store). Enter a direct link to the application from the Microsoft Store, for example, Telegram ( ). Click on the checkmark – to get all links.

In the list, select the file you need in the .appx , .appxbundle or .msixbundle format . You can download the Appx file (the application itself) and EAppx (its update). The installer of the Telegram Desktop application, which I need, actually has the .appx extension.

How to install Appx app

You need to enable developer mode using the example of Windows 10 version 20H2. Open Settings> Update & Security> For Developers . And drag the slider to enable Install applications from any source, including free files.

How to install Appx app

Installing and running apps not published in the Windows 10 Store can weaken the security of your PC. Actually, you also risk personal data. This could harm you. Confirm your intention to enable developer mode by clicking the button.

How to install Appx app

Run the downloaded .appx file. In the Telegram app installer window, click Install. The installation process takes just a few seconds. You can immediately click Launch (or if the app is installed Reinstall ).

Perhaps you have incorrectly configured file associations. In the context menu of the file, you will need to select Open with. Check Always use this application to open .appx files and select Application Installer and press OK.

Or run the command: add – appxpackage – path ” Appx File Location “ in Windows PowerShell (running as administrator). In my case:  add – appxpackage – path C : \ TelegramMessengerLLP.TelegramDesktop_2.4.7.0_x86__t4vj0pshhgkwm.appx.

The progress of the deployment operation itself displays the process of installing the appx file. When finished, the installed application will appear in the list of installed programs. Use Windows PowerShell to uninstall Windows 10 Universal Apps



To install the Appx, AppxBundle and MsixBundle applications, you must enable Windows 10 developer mode. You must enable the ability to install software from unknown sources. These formats are more commonly used by developers and testers.

Of course, you can download an Appx installer for paid applications. It will not work to cheat and bypass the purchase of a license. To install, we use the application installer or the updated Windows PowerShell, which are already preinstalled in the system.

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