This article will show you how to properly install VirtualBox on Windows 10. After installing Oracle VM VirtualBox, the user will have an alternative to playing virtual machines built into the Hyper-V operating system. Users have the opportunity to download and use VirtualBox in Russian. Despite the fact that the installation process itself takes place exclusively with the English interface.

How to properly install VirtualBox on Windows 10

The user has the ability to run many virtual machines to perform various tasks. Each virtual machine runs in an isolated runtime environment. The power of a virtual machine directly depends on your personal computer. We have already covered how to enable Windows 10 Hyper-V virtualization . We suggest trying to use VirtualBox to create and run virtual machines.

Download the latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox for Windows 10. On the manufacturer’s official website, click on Windows hosts in the VirtualBox Platform Packages section. We also recommend that you continue to run the installer as administrator. Since without administrator rights, it is often impossible to install applications of this kind.

1.Open the downloaded file and in the Oracle VM VirtualBox Installation Wizard, click Next to start the installation process. To exit the installation wizard, just click the Cancel button 

2.Then the user gets the opportunity to select the necessary components for the future virtual machine. It is best to leave all components on, even if you don’t need them.

VirtualBox USB SupportProvides support for all USB devices connected to the virtual machine. The component is required to enable the use of USB directly in the operating system installed on the virtual machine.
VirtualBox NetworkingCreates a virtual network adapter and connects the virtual machine to the Internet. Together with the new virtual adapter, all necessary drivers are installed, necessary for normal operation.
VirtualBox Python 2.x SupportProvides support for scripts written in the Python programming language. Various kinds of scripts can expand the standard functionality of the program.

3.Now we recommend unchecking the  Create a shortcut in the Quick Launch Bar and Register file association boxes . Since the installation wizard can not only create icons in the quick launch menu, but also change the previously configured file associations when using other programs to create virtual machines.

4.Next, you must click the Yes button to agree to the installation of network interfaces for virtual machines.

5.After clicking the Next button , the installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox will actually begin, during which you must agree to install the software for the USB controller by clicking the Install button .

Please note that if you select the VirtualBox Networking add-on during installation, the user’s Internet connection will be temporarily disconnected. It should be automatically installed after the VirtualBox installation is complete. This is what the installation wizard warns us about at the fourth step of the installation process.

After installation, the user just needs to click the Finish button to be able to launch Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows 10. All subsequent launches of the program must also be performed as an administrator. In the following instructions, we’ll take a closer look at how to use Oracle VM VirtualBox.



The installation process for VirtualBox is quite intuitive, even despite the only English language of the installation wizard on Windows 10. The user only needs to download VirtualBox from the developer’s official website and follow the steps of the installation wizard. Although the site and the installation wizard are available in English, the VirtualBox interface itself has Russian localization.


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