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erm “overclocking” is commonly used with processors, graphics cards, and RAM. You can also try to slightly overclock the refresh rate of your PC monitor. Overclocking is fairly straightforward and can lead to smoother gameplay. This article will show you how to overclock your monitor hertz to 75 Hz. Samsung S24B350 display – HDMI (Radeon RX 580 Series & NVIDIA GTX 1080) as an example. It operates at the maximum stated refresh rate of 60 Hz. I wanted to test its hidden capabilities.

How to overclock the hertzovka monitor

Important! Not all models support an increase in hertz (so called overclocking). It’s definitely not worth setting the x2 value right away. Do everything gradually (65, 70, 75, 80). If the monitor works at 25% overclocking, then you are already fabulously lucky. Don’t forget to share your results.

Custom Resolution Utility

You can download it for free from the developer’s forum . Unpack the contents of the archive to a place convenient for you. The folder contains the CRU.exe application itself and the utility for restarting the graphics driver restart64.exe (or resetting all settings reset-all.exe).

Run it as administrator. In the Detailed resolutions section, click Add… Make sure the recommended resolution is selected. For him, you need to increase the hertzovka.

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In the box,  change the Refresh rate to 75.000 Hz . Click OK to apply the changes . Restart the video driver with restart64.exe utility or reboot.

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NVIDIA Control Panel

You can create a custom resolution for a display that cannot use the standard Windows resolution. Please note that using these modes may result in temporary blanking of the picture. Before use, you can test its operation.

In the list of sections, open Display> Change Resolution and select Settings . Check Enable modes not suggested by the display and click Create custom resolution . Change the refresh rate to 75 Hz and test .

Testing will show if the selected custom resolution works. This is actually the main advantage of overclocking the hertzovka monitor with an NVIDIA video card. If the test was successful, then save the result and select the configuration you created.

AMD Radeon Software

Go to Settings> Display and select Custom Permissions> Create New. In the box, enter the refresh rate of the screen 75 Hz and click Create .

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Intel HD Graphics Control

From the Control Panel section, select Display> Custom Resolutions. In the Add tab, enter the recommended resolution and refresh rate of 75 Hz.

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How to check the hertzon of the monitor

Now you need to change the hertz of the monitor in Windows 10. Under Settings> System> Display, find Advanced display settings. Select the Refresh rate – 75.000 Hz value from the list. Well, or in any other way available to you.

The operating system already displays a refresh rate of 75 Hz. You can find out the real hertzovka using the TestUFO service . This test is designed to accurately measure the refresh rate of your display. Close other tabs for best results.

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Smooth movements are achieved at high frequencies. The Samsung S24B350 monitor runs quietly at a refresh rate of 75 Hz. I did not try to overclock more. You have to understand, if you are playing at 75 Hz, then 75 frames per second should be displayed.


The higher the refresh rate of the monitor, the smoother the gameplay. It is not necessary to overpay for a higher hertzovka. You can overclock the monitor a little, for example, from 60 to 75 hertz. It all depends on your monitor (sometimes it turns out to overclock even more).

This is done at your own risk. If the monitor works inadequately (freezes, flickering or artifacts), then it is worth lowering the selected frequency. Not all monitors lend themselves well to overclocking. It is recommended to zoom in gradually, for example, 5 Hz (65, 70, 75).

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