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How to transfer Windows 11 to another SSD drive




This article will show you how to transfer Windows 11 to another SSD drive. As you know, NVMe drives provide faster speeds (compared to SATA). This migration can improve performance. All created partitions will be deleted, plus a chance to corrupt the bootloader.

For example, Windows 11 transfer/copy/clone took five minutes. Using the command line and a bootable flash drive – an hour. Applications do this automatically.

Remember, earlier I bought myself a Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB? I allocated 125 GB for the system, and the remaining 350 GB for applications. Before that, there was a Kingston 120 GB SSD, which is hardly used. I decided to copy the system to it as a backup or for tests.

Transfer Windows 11 to another SSD drive

Transfer Windows 11 to another SSD drive

Samsung Data Migration

Specify Source  and  Destination disks , you can start transferring – Start . The system partition is selected automatically, and the target will need to be changed. You can select files to be excluded from the process. With its help, I previously transferred the system to an NVMe disk.

Macrium Reflect Free

In the section Backup > Local drives, select the drive with Windows 11. And click Clone this drive … , then Select the drive to clone . Specify only the necessary partitions: Primary (NTFS) , Bootloader area (FAT32) and Recovery drive (NTFS) .

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Click Transfer OS to SSD or HHD , the wizard will guide you through the transfer. Select Unallocated space and confirm deleting all partitions. Well, if necessary, you can Resize the partition . And the migration process will take place in a special boot mode.

AOMEI Backupper

Under Clone > System Clone, select Destination Partition – the disk of the new location for the system. After the operation is completed, the partition will be overwritten or deleted. Check Operation Summary and click Start , plus the SSD Alignment option is available .

MiniTool Partition Wizard 12

Find Wizard > Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard and select B (move only partitions containing OS files). Specify the drive to transfer the OS (where to copy Windows 11). All data on this disk will be destroyed and the system files will be copied…

Windows Terminal | Command line

Actually, three dozen commands allow you to copy system files to another disk without third-party programs. We need a flash drive and the original Windows 11 image . Watch carefully what the command does and only then execute it. Table 1 – in the system itself .

Get Disk | Where-Object PartitionStyle –Eq ‘RAW’ | Initialize DiskThis command initializes a new drive (only if needed).
diskpartLaunches a console utility for managing disks, volumes, and partitions.
list diskDisplays a list of connected drives; remember the disk number, under the transfer.
select disk 1Selects the disk where we will transfer, indicate the number from the previous paragraph.
cleanFast Disk Cleanup, volumes are deleted, and all data is marked as deleted.
convert gptConverts the disk to GPT-style (this is for disks larger than 2 TB), which is what Windows 11 needs.
create partition efi size=100Create an EFI service partition with a size of 100 MB. Under the BCD bootloader configuration.
format fs=”FAT32″ quick label=”EFI”Format only the created partition, file system type FAT32 with the name. EFI
create partition msr size=509Create an MSR service partition with a size of 509 MB. This is the recovery partition.
create partition primaryCreates a disk partition with unallocated memory (you can specify size=S, in MB).
format fs=”NTFS” quick label=”NEW_DISK”Quickly format only the created space; NTFS file system type.
exit Terminates the console utility and exits the command line.

Table 2 – when booting from a USB flash drive . You need to create a bootable USB flash drive and when the installation window appears, press Shift + F10 . It remains to determine the partition letters and start copying. This process takes longer. And recreating the Windows 11 bootloader BCD configuration.

list volDisplays a list of basic and dynamic volumes on all your disks.
select disk 1Selects a drive whose volume letter is not assigned. This can be skipped.
list partDisplays the partitions listed in the partition table of the current disk.
select part 1Selects the disk partition to assign a letter to. Specify the volume number.
assign letter=KChanges the letter of the previously selected volume to K. This is also optional.
list volume-//-
robocopy E:\ D:\ /E /COPYALL /SL /XJ /R:3 /W:3 /UNILOG:”D:\rcopy.log” /TEECopies links, files and folders with attributes and NTFS rights; from drive E:\ to D:\.
list volShows a list of partitions of the previously selected drive. We are interested in a blank SSD disk.
select volume 1Take note of the EFI partition number. Select this section to assign a free letter.
assign letter M:Assign the letter M to a 100 MB FAT32 partition. To restore the bootloader.
cd /d M:\efi\microsoft\boot\ Recreating the BCD bootloader configuration.
ren BCD BCD.bak
bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-us /s M: /f ALL

Questions may arise with working on the command line. You can copy data to a smaller drive if the current Windows space is smaller than its capacity. Make sure that it is so (remove the excess). Since important system files may not be copied …


It will not be difficult to transfer Windows 11 to another SSD drive, especially with the help of third-party programs. All this happens almost automatically, all you need is your consent. For example, Samsung Data Migration and Macrium Reflect allow you to exclude partitions or data.

The list of transfer programs is wider, I used to advise Acronis True Image 2021 or Paragon Migrate OS to SSD. They became paid (or this feature is paid). But if you have a Western Digital (WD) SSD, you get Acronis True Image WD Edition for free. Analogue of Kingston, Crucial and A-Data.


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