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By default, sound effects accompany all notifications. They can be viewed in the notification center. If you need to both completely disable them, and configure them. Use the focus function to control the time when you receive notifications.

This article will show you how to turn off the sound of Windows 10 notifications. It is not necessary to turn off notifications, you can only turn off the sound. In practice, when you play, they shouldn’t bother you. The action center now contains all the new alerts in one section.

Turn off notification sound

Every second application sends you notifications. Even if you don’t need them, which is very likely. In the list of notifications and actions, you can see all the applications that often advise you something. You can turn off notifications or the sound of an individual …

System parameters

You can turn off the sound of all notifications at once. Under Settings> System> Notifications & Actions, uncheck Allow notification sounds .

Or sound for each application separately. Select an app to view additional options for it. And turn off Beep when notification is received .

If you drag the slider to the Off position . , then there will be no notifications at all (no notifications – no sound). Some applications may have their own parameters.

And focusing function . Configurable in Settings> System> Focus . In it, all notifications are silently sent to the center.

Control Panel

I think you’ve noticed the variety of notification settings in the options. There are some old settings left in the classic panel. The default devices are selected in the sound window …

Run the command Mmsys.cpl in the Win + R window . In the Sounds tab, find Notification . And instead of the standard Windows Notify System Generic, select No  Sound and Apply .

The sound scheme sets the sounds accompanying events in the Windows operating system and programs. You can choose one of the existing schemes or create a new one. To change the soundtrack, click on an event in the list and select the sound you want.

Program settings

Modern instant messengers have their own sound notification parameters. As an example, the Skype application (where is Microsoft without it). In Settings> Notifications, you can turn off Notification sounds for new messages or completely remove chat notifications.

Or, in Discord, open User (App) Settings> Notifications . Drag the Messages slider to the Disabled position (in the Sounds subsection ). Alternatively, you can change the status to Do Not Disturb . You will not receive slave notifications. table.

This applies not only to instant messengers, but also to all other applications (launchers, for cleaning, defragmentation, etc.). Even video card software can provide “tips”. And remember only obsessive hints and recommendations when using Windows 10.


On the contrary, you need a notification sound, without it you can skip important events. Unfortunately, third-party applications have adopted spam notifications … Like most sites ask you to come back … You can turn off the sound and all Windows 10 notifications.

See also how to turn off pop-up notifications. Previously, you could turn on Do Not Disturb mode in Action Center. Replaced by a really useful focus of attention. In the background (or quiet) mode, all notifications go to the center.

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