Sometimes it is not possible to check the publisher of the application installer. It lacks a valid digital signature to prove the publisher. And the file obtained from an unknown source was blocked for protection purposes. You can either unblock it or disable the check …

To run the program, you need to unlock the publisher in Windows 10. I just recently found out that you can unlock many files at once. Unblock, disable User Account Control or Signature Verification. Or try removing the digital signature.

Unable to verify Windows 10 publisher

For example, when updating PCRemoteReceiver, we receive a security warning. As reported below: This file is missing a “critical” digital signature to confirm the publisher. Run only software from a trusted publisher …

How to unblock a publisher

From the application context menu, select Properties . And actually, in the General tab , set the Unblock checkbox . You do everything at your own peril and risk. You must be sure of the source, as malicious software may be lurking underneath.

From the Start context menu, select Windows PowerShell (Admin) . And run the command: Get-ChildItem -Path “C: \ Users \ Dimaa \ Desktop” | Unblock-File . The path can be changed for yourself … In my case, the publisher of all programs on the desktop was unlocked.

Or use Windows PowerShell. In it, you can unlock many files at once. It is like batch unlocking of files received from the network. With just one command, you can unlock dozens of applications at once (applies to one folder).

Disable User Account Control

Rarely, User Account Control (UAC) blocks software with an invalid digital signature. It’s like another means of protecting the operating system. In the search enter Change User Account Control Settings and click Open .

And now drag the slider to the Never notify position . As for applications, when they try to install software or change Windows settings. That’s it, you can install any program without question … This reduces the security of your PC.

Verifying the digital signature of drivers

If this applies to old drivers, then you can disable signature verification. This is actually the test mode of Windows 10. Run the commands:

Try installing the driver after disabling digital signature verification … It may not work with third-party applications. You can turn off the test mode with the command: bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF . This is more suitable for using old equipment.

Removing digital signature

It is performed using third-party software such as FileUnsigner. It can be downloaded for free from the official website. And just drag the required file onto the FileUnsigner.exe icon. And get the result of the work: “Successfully unsigned” or “File doesn’t appear to be digitaly signed”.


Important! Make sure the application is reliable before bypassing the publisher lock. I was just trying to update the Monect program (for PC remote control). It seems to have downloaded it, as before from the manufacturer’s website … But I still got the installer’s lock.

Not everyone knows that you can unlock the publisher with one check mark. This is another means of protecting the user and data. Of course, if you have disabled user account control, then you will not see this … The system has determined that the file is possibly unsafe.


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