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Drive encryption (BitLocker) is used to protect files and folders from unauthorized access. You can unlock and lock any section of the drive. Even after connecting to another computer, BitLocker protects your data. This article will show you how to unlock BitLocker in Windows 10. You need to know the password or have a recovery key. Otherwise, you cannot do without formatting it. For decryption, we use the control panel and the command line. See below for how BitLocker works.

What is BitLocker Windows 10 and How to Unlock Bitlocker

It’s simple. BitLocker Drive Encryption helps protect your data from unauthorized access. To access the drive, you will need to enter a password. For the average user, one can argue about the usefulness of such functionality.

  • Encrypt only used disk space – if you are setting up encryption on a new disk or PC, you only need to encrypt the part of the disk that is currently in use. BitLocker encrypts new data automatically as it is added.
  • Encrypt the entire drive – If you enable BitLocker on a PC or drive you are already using, it is recommended that you encrypt the entire drive. This guarantees the protection of all data – even previously deleted, but still containing retrievable information. Slower.


After encrypting the disk, you will be asked for the previously set password. And only if you know it, then you can get access (enter the password to unlock this disk). If you forgot your password, you can use the recovery key to access the disk.

how to unlock bitlocker without password

Windows 10 Update (version 1511) introduces a new Encrypted Disk Mode (XTS-AES). This mode provides additional integrity support, but is not compatible with earlier versions of Windows. Specifies the new encryption or compatibility mode.

How to disable BitLocker on Windows 10

From the context menu of the encrypted drive, select Manage BitLocker . In Control Panel, click Disable BitLocker (next to the desired section). You must have administrator rights. Your disk will be decrypted after confirming the action.

how to unlock bitlocker without password and recovery key

You can run the command: manage-bde -off H: from a command prompt (as administrator).

unlock bitlocker

Or the command: Disable-BitLocker -MountPoint “H:” in the updated Windows PowerShell.

bitlocker recovery key lost

Important! The encryption and decryption process can take a long time. Depending on your drive. Unblocking is much faster than encrypting it. I think it’s not worth comparing the HHD speeds of an old and even a budget SSD.

The encryption wizard helps you securely protect your data. You will be prompted to archive your recovery key. If you have forgotten your password, you can use this key (it is saved in advance in a file, on a USB device, or in a Microsoft account).


Feature BitLocker is only available in versions of Windows 10 : Professional, Enterprise and Education. It is safe to say that it may be missing in the Home version. You can turn BitLocker Drive Encryption on or off using Windows 10 itself.

Enabling data encryption may slightly slow down PC performance. Actually because of the background encryption process, which will continue to run if necessary. But it is recommended to be used to protect confidential data.


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