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How to use Keyran macro 2023




This article will show you how to use the Keyran macro program. It suppresses recoil in games and automates actions in applications. For example, Keyran macro allows you to create your own macros, select or download ready-made ones. Fast power on, switch and safe mode…

Creating macros with your own hands. Large online library of scripts. Really advanced macro editor. Plus, unique scenarios for using this program. Many programs allow you to work with macros (and it is not necessary to play at all). The interface should also be intuitive. All monotonous actions can be recorded and played back later. The author does not support the use of scripts in multiplayer.

Install, run, configure Keyran macro

Install, run, configure Keyran macro

On the developer’s website, click Download , then install Keyran macro (or Download unpacked version ). The portable version can be unpacked and launched immediately. At the first start, they offer to activate Incognito Mode , if you are going to break the rules of the game.

Next, select Driver > Install Driver . Then the Reload button will appear . The result should be DriverEnabled . In the Settings > Keys section, set your own combination to quickly Start / Stop the program . Plus, set profiles.

What to do with the license? You can test the program, 2 hours/day for free. In the main window, open the license manager by clicking the green checkmark. You can enter the purchased key or get it for free. For most people this will be enough…

How to quickly run a Keyran macro

credit – keyran.net | How to use Keyran macro

Select the Macros section , where the script library is available. In the list, find the folder with the game or application you are interested in. Read the description of the proposed configs, click the Install button to add it to yourself. You can download several macros…

For the test, I picked up 3 configs of the unkillable classic CS1.6. On the main page, find the LMB and set it Macro> “AK47 Recoil Compensation” . From the context menu, select Run mode > Run while the key is pressed . For example, “Jumping without problems” set to Space .

Launch the game / application and pick up the selected weapon;
Enable script execution (previously configured combination);
Test , when shooting with AK47 recoil will be compensated;
Stop this program to use the left mouse button.

How to create/edit a macro in Keyran macro

Remember how you had to click W to quickly pedal GTA San Andreas? Let’s try to automate this process, without physically pressing a key. Actually, in the Editor , I choose Create file . I poke the W key  several times , and change the delay time to 100 ms .

Macro can be on any free key. For example, after pressing “~”, the character starts to pedal faster (while W can be released). And such use cases can be invented and invented. I will note the function of recording all actions from the keyboard and mouse.

Additional use cases

For example, take a toy Counter Strike 1.6 (excluding macros for each weapon). Automatic buying is on my mind (especially fy_poolday, snow and $2000$). Or the quick aiming of a sniper weapon. More difficult, this is an occupation of boosts, a smart movement (scroll + squat).

Manage Windows 11. Working with windowsMinimize or move windows with the mouse. Actually, this is how you can “bind” Windows 11 hotkeys .
Navigating Google Chrome TabsFor example, switches the user to the second tab, after waiting, switches to the third tab.
Autosave Layer Adobe PhotoshopUseful if you need to edit a lot of photos. Selects a .psd file, saves it and creates a layer.
Working with Total Commander filesYou can rename the files in order, or organize these files into folders. And not only…
Automatic follow/like InstagramUsed to get followers and likes. It is necessary that the two windows are located in parallel.
Disable all Discord telemetryThese are options that collect user data. The script is suitable for the first application setup.
Fast Travel Warzone Macro for fast and endless running. Jump jump command and double-click Shift with one button.


Imagine a macro library of 8000 pieces. Most are written for you, download and use Keyran. Users submit up to 50 macros per day for review. Their accuracy depends on resolution and sensitivity, especially when it comes to shooting compensation.


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