This article will show you how to use the OMEN Gaming Hub. It has many useful features: remote control, smart overclocking, backlight synchronization, and even setting up macros. On the example of my monitor, the mode, backlight and more are selected.

HP OMEN Gaming Hub App replaces Command Center. The update definitely deserves your attention. It displays only supported devices. It can be used to optimize and tune OMEN laptops, computers, or peripherals.

HP Monitor and OMEN Gaming Hub

I bought an HP Omen 27i monitor, which was previously announced. I just connected it, did not have time to check it yet, but the system has already pulled up the OMEN Gaming Hub. The app was automatically installed from the Microsoft Store. It only remains to move on to using it.

Launching the OMEN Gaming Hub is like an art form in its own right. I have restarted the application several times. And every time, like the first. You are greeted by a new phrase. It’s like a prediction, but not everyone will understand it. You may say useless, but unique.

While the OMEN game hub is starting: Putting in the shoes of an amateur to brag … We tolerate and do not complain … Checking the barrel stabilizer … Selling the harvested crop in a day … Performing a magic dance … And that’s not all, we had to re-enter several times.


The entire monitor interface is without Russian localization. You cannot change the brightness or contrast in the picture settings section. Can only be selected from preset picture modes. For example, GAME , FILMSATT blue or HP ENHANCE + .

Gaming itself means increased brightness and reduced response time for optimal graphics during gameplay. The attenuation of the blue is ideal for reducing eye strain. HP Enhance + improves the clarity of pictures, but not text.


My new HP Omen 27i monitor has 2 backlight zones. Selectable zone, mode, brightness and speed. I didn’t even know that the first zone is RGB (which shines under the monitor). And the second one does not so much illuminate the wall (probably for this it was designed), as the rear ports.


This section is required to enable the FPS counter or crosshair overlay (on top of all applications). You can also choose the response time. This is the rate at which the color of a pixel changes from white to black or between grayscale. All parameters have their own descriptions.

Laptop & Computer Omen and Gaming Hub

With branded laptops or computers, it is still much more interesting.

System vitalsMonitor CPU, GPU, network and memory usage.
OverclockingMonitoring and adjusting system performance (overclocking or undervolting).
LightingTweak RGB lighting on your laptop or other Omen device.
Network boosterAdjust network properties to improve system performance.
MacrosSet up a key sequence in a macro (to be executed by pressing).
Performance controlMonitor your laptop’s performance with preset modes.

Attention! The OMEN Gaming Hub app is available on any Windows 10 PC. But compared to HP gaming laptops, its feature set is limited. Also, depending on your configuration and location, the functionality may also differ.

My games, Awards, Gallery

All games, regardless of the publisher, are collected in one place. Earn in-game rewards simply by playing your favorite games. Well, and its own gallery of images and wallpapers. Plus, you can keep track of the time spent in the game (day, week, total time).

How to uninstall OMEN Gaming Hub

Go to Settings> Apps> Apps & features . With OMEN Gaming Hub (Hp Inc.) highlighted, click Remove . Confirm your intention and wait for completion.

Or you can remove it from startup … In the Startup location, turn off OMEN Gaming Hub Background . Just by dragging one slider in the options or task manager.



HP has developed the OMEN Gaming Hub app for their devices. Formerly called OMEN Command Center. The interface has been completely redesigned. Added the ability to search, filter and group games. As well as overclocking, undervolting and even benchmarking functions.


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