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How to view Wi-Fi password in Windows 11




Experience shows that users often forget the Wi-Fi password after connecting. Especially after six months of using a wireless network. I remember that they used to write a standard password on the back of the modem / router. In principle, it was relatively convenient.

This article will tell you how to see the Wi-Fi password in Windows 11 if you forgot. In the system, you can find out the passwords of all previously connected wireless networks. Of course, it is more reliable to go through the local settings of the router. There you specify the password and you can change it.

Settings & Control Panel

Under Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced network settings, select More . network adapter settings . Or run the ncpa.cpl command in the Win+R window . Previously and now available Control Panel > Network and Internet > View network status and tasks …

Next, in the context menu of the Wireless network, select Status . Then we poke Properties of a wireless network, tab Security . With administrator rights, it will be possible to Display the entered characters in the Network Security Key field . You can watch it and record it somewhere.

Windows Terminal & PowerShell…

Actually, in the Start context menu, select Windows Terminal (Administrator) . Run the first netsh wlan show profiles command to see the wireless network profile. And the second netsh wlan show profile name=Xiaomi_8708 key=clear – see the password from the Wi-Fi network.

netsh wlan show profilesviewing profiles of wireless network users;
netsh wlan show profile name=SSID_NAME key=cleardisplay profile information, plus the security subsection;
netsh wlan show profile name=SSID_NAME key=clear | find /I “Key Content”show only the security key of the network you specified.

You can use a PowerShell script to display Wi-Fi passwords. This is the work of user willjobs on GitHub. The command should display all the wireless networks that the computer was connected to and their passwords. It doesn’t work with my version of Windows 11.

WirelessKeyView & WiFi Password Revealer

Third-party programs allow you to find out the password from the Wi-Fi network in Windows 11. For example, WirelessKeyView – recovers wireless network security keys / passwords (WEP / WPA) stored on your computer; the WiFi Password Revealer utility displays them in the same way.

In practice, they show a list of all Wi-Fi networks and passwords. Download, run and see, you can even import the password table. You may need to run it as a Windows 11 administrator. It doesn’t matter which program, they work the same way.

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LAN settings via router

This is the most reliable way, because you can view and even change the Wi-Fi password of the Wi-Fi network. Works only if you are the owner of the wireless network. Let’s deal with local settings on the example of Xiaomi 4A. In the browser line, enter the local IP address of the router …

Actually, , then I enter my Wi-Fi password, it was specified during the first setup. In the subsection Settings> Wi-Fi network settings I find Password> Show . In the local settings of my router, this Wi-Fi password is displayed directly on the main one (subsection Status ).

You can find out exactly your local network address. For example, using the command line or the Windows Terminal. Literally by executing one command: ipconfig /all . In the list of network connections, find your work network and look at the value of the line Default gateway …

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If you are the owner of a router and a Wi-Fi network, then there will definitely be no problems with passwords. You can use system tools, third-party software, or local router settings. Plus, the system saves the Wi-Fi password from the Wi-Fi network without encryption after connecting.


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