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IPL 2021 has started the festival of all of us. The IPL has started a little late due to Corona virus. But the craze of IPL 2020 has not reduced at all. IPL has started but now the question is, how to watch Live Free IPL 2021 in Mobile? In this age of today, people like to watch on mobile more than TV. Because in today’s era, mobile has become the personal TV of everyone. People who work in the office, or are busy in their business. For those people, watching Live IPL in Mobile is the best option.

How to watch Live Free IPL 2020 in Mobile

So looking at all these, I will tell you today in this article. How you can watch IPL Free Match in your mobile. You will get two ways to read this article. One way in which you can watch IPL for free. The second way in which you have to pay money. If you are thinking that your mobile has internet. And you can watch IPL Live Cricket Match. So you are thinking wrong. You also have to take Subscribtion to watch IPL Live Cricket Match with internet. As I told you in the article above, there are two ways to watch IPL Live Cricket Match. I told you above the method of Paid in which you have to take Subscription. And there is a way in which you can watch IPL Match in Free. So let’s know about these two methods-

How to Watch Free IPL Match from Thop TV

There are many such applications on the Internet. With the help of which you can watch Free IPL Live Cricket Match on your mobile. But it can be illegal. So you must think once before using them. There is an application called Thop tv on the Internet. On which you can watch Live Free IPL Match, as well as news channels, TV serials, movies and many more. You will not find this application on the Play Store at all. You have to download it with the help of Google. If you want to download this application from our website. Then you can download this application by clicking on the download button below . 

How to Watch Live IPL Match from Hotstar

To watch a live IPL match from Hotstar, you have to take a subscription. For which you have to pay every month. Hotstar subscription is ₹ 299 per month. Whereas if you take 1 year subscription, then it costs Rs 1499. So if you subscribe to Hotstar, you can enjoy Live IPL Match from here. In this article, I have explained all the ways to watch Live IPL Match. He is all 100% Working. You can watch Live IPL Match using these methods.


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