Instagram is a tool not only for self-expression, but also for sales. In this Article we learn how to INCREASE THE FOLLOWER Many entrepreneurs are interested in the question of how to increase the number of subscribers on Instagram. Below we give a number of current methods, using which, you can attract a new audience to your account.You can get subscribers in completely different ways. It is not recommended to wind up INCREASE THE FOLLOWER on Instagram through special programs for this. This can negatively affect the promotion of the account as a whole. So let’s focus only on working ways to increase your Instagram audience.

Subscribe to personal contacts

At the beginning of the journey, when the audience is very small, it is worth collecting it bit by bit. Do not hesitate to tell your friends about yourself and ask them to subscribe to an account if they have not already done so. These can be just acquaintances, colleagues from work or classmates, friends of my mother’s friend, anyone.

Each person has many acquaintances who have Instagram, but are not subscribed. Probably, they are waiting for the first step from you, or for other reasons they do not do it. Therefore, you need to be active on their page, write a comment under the post or respond to stories. Then, most likely, such a friend will decide to press the “Subscribe” button.

Link other social networks

It is much easier to promote your Instagram together with other social networks. If you have a Facebook page, add your Instagram link in your contact information. You just need to do this so that when you click on your Instagram nickname, you can go to it.

It’s no secret that Facebook has more adult audiences, and many of these people don’t have Instagram. If you communicate with these people in life, you can find out if they want to start Instagram. If so, then you need to help them do it. In this way, you can gain new subscribers.

Leaving a link on other social networks is very important for commercial accounts. So, getting traffic from different sources, you can increase the number of Instagram subscriptions.

Be active on potential subscribers

Another good way to attract targeted INCREASE THE FOLLOWER is to be active on their account. Many shops, services and bloggers do this. This can be viewing stories, likes, comments, following potential people. More effect from these actions will be if you do it constantly, and not once.


It is important for the blogger to indicate the location in order to keep in touch with the audience. You need to know your target audience and attach geolocation where potential subscribers can be the most.

For business accounts, geolocation is extremely important, especially if it is a cafe, restaurant or other offline business. In this case, geolocation is needed more to indicate the address of an institution or office.

Comments under posts on Instagram and on other sites

The effect of comments can be if you actively express your point of view on the accounts of different personalities. It is advisable to write comments under the photos of famous people, because they have more coverage. If you are interested in expressing yourself, you can collect a lot of likes under the comment, and it will be in the TOP. In this case, many users will look at your page, and some of them will subscribe.

It is also worth writing comments under posts on other social networks and leaving a link to your nickname. This works great if you talk about your experience or the service you used on sources similar to your Instagram.

Only the link to Instagram should be specified unobtrusively so that users do not mistake it for spam.

Do hashtags still work

Many users search for interesting information using tags. Therefore, do not forget to put down hashtags when posting a photo. This is especially true for photographs that relate to any events. If the user likes the content, most likely they will become your subscriber.

Hashtags can be either popular or your own. It makes sense to create your own hashtags if there is a brand name. Also, many put competitors’ hashtags under the post, and from this, the result is often observed.

Public performance

If you have the opportunity to speak publicly in your field, do it. The people who become your subscribers will trust you the most. In this case, the word of mouth principle will also work.

Photos of people

On Instagram, people love to follow the personalities and lives of other people. Therefore, this site, first of all, in order to upload more photos of people. And even statistically, photos with people get more likes than without them. But it’s worth not only just taking photos, but also writing text under them.

Paid advertising from Instagram

If you already have a considerable number of subscribers on your account, but want to add more, you can buy paid advertising from Insta. With the help of advertising, you can get a new audience, which you can later monetize. If you have your own audience, you can sell it products, courses, advertise bloggers or some services.

With the help of targeted advertising, you can quickly get not only new subscribers, but also become a favorite of Instagram algorithms. It has long been proven that Insta’s algorithms love advertisers and push their posts to the TOP.

Advertising with bloggers

Another working method to increase your subscriptions is to buy paid ads from bloggers. To have more chances not to burn out, be sure to ask yourself the question: “Is it worth it?” Advertising among promoted bloggers is quite expensive. Therefore, it is worth looking at the activity of the blogger’s profile, its audience and feed.

Collaborations or mutual PR of each other are also possible if you have an audience.

Give gifts to bloggers

If you already have your audience, it makes sense to contact bloggers who have more INCREASE THE FOLLOWER. Perhaps the blogger will thank you by showing the gift in Stories and link to your profile. If this does not happen, in any case you will be in good standing as a person.

Arrange contests

People are very fond of free gifts. Subscribers will post a post with a link to your account absolutely free of charge, just to get the coveted prize. It is not necessary to give away expensive prizes – iPhones, laptops and cars. Many will not refuse a free subscription to the fitness room or a free photo session. You can play a lot of things, the main thing in this case is to interest the audience.

Unique content

In fact, the content you produce is already unique. But the real uniqueness is when almost no one has content like yours. The best thing is to come up with your own blogging format on Insta. Alternatively, take an idea from the West, as bloggers often do. What many have already seen in America sometimes comes to us with a delay. You can play on this and get new subscribers.

Use fewer filters

Photos with many filters applied are very painful to the eyes and are not attractive to Instagram users. If you don’t have time to take beautiful photos, find a freelance person who will help you do this on an ongoing basis. Photo editing services do not cost much, but the result will be decent.

Take pictures with famous people

Attending events, you can meet famous people or at least take a photo with them. The more of these photos, the better. Everyone has heard this phrase: “tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.” It is not necessary to derive only commercial benefits from acquaintances and relationships, but many bloggers are engaged in this.

Writing texts

Photos or videos alone are not enough, you still need to express your thoughts on this or that occasion. It is better to make the text not too long, since people are too lazy to read, but not too short. Writing text under the photo is an opportunity to convey your thoughts and feelings to people.

You need to compose the text as if you were writing to a friend. Better to separate content with logical paragraphs. In 2020, high-quality text is worth its weight in gold, because there is so much meaningless content on the Web.

Posting posts at 2 pm or 5 pm

The most effective times to post are 2 pm and 5 pm. According to statistics, most people are on Instagram at this time.

People post the least content on Sunday, according to research. By posting at the end of the week, there is a chance of getting a little more traffic and likes than on a normal day.

To ask questions

To increase activity on the page, you should communicate with the audience and ask questions. The engagement of the audience will become higher, you will get to know your target audience better. Based on requests from subscribers in the comments, you can plan new content for the next month.

Live broadcasts

Another way to communicate with your fans is to go live. Online subscribers love communication, so you can get more trust from them. You can also arrange a “question-answer”. The most important thing is not to be silent on the air, but to express all the planned thoughts.

Reply to comments

By responding to subscribers’ comments, you can end up with even more activity on your account. When subscribers know that you are responding to comments, they start to get active. It is also worth answering various questions in Stories that come from subscribers in Direct.

Call to action

Such words as “like” and “subscribe” are already very tired of many. Regardless, a call to action helps accounts to grow. If you published a new post, submit a story about it and you will get more likes and assets. Feel free to write the word “like” under the photo. Research shows that posts like these get 89% more likes.



You can INCREASE THE FOLLOWER on Instagram in different ways. For the number of active audiences to grow, you need to respond to user comments, conduct live broadcasts, and create unique and informative content. It is better to do without cheating, because this method most often does not bring the desired result. The main thing is to be sincere with your audience and familiar bloggers, then you will succeed!


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