Before buying an OSAGO policy, many are interested in reviews about a particular company. And this is the right decision, because only after studying the ratings of experts and the opinion of clients, you can form your own impression of the insurance company.

How to choose an insurance company

We do not recommend focusing only on popular reviews, since most often negative reviews are written on forums or in the comments. The company’s conscientious attitude towards the client is regarded as the norm, so positive comments are rare.

It is worth considering that each company has its own tariffs for OSAGO. One company can make a large markup on the policy for a short driving experience, while another can assess the same criterion for a smaller amount.

We have included in the list only trusted insurers who will provide not only financial protection in case of an accident, but also make the purchase of OSAGO affordable. Therefore, there will be few companies in the ranking.


To date, the online purchase of a CTP policy is gaining popularity. An electronic policy (e-OSAGO) can be obtained from any insurance company. In total, there are about 60 companies on the insurance market that provide this service. A complete list of companies can be viewed on the official website of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers.

AlphaInsurance Insurance

– Today the company is one of the best in the insurance market. According to customer reviews and our experience of cooperation, it has proven itself well in all areas of insurance, including the sale of OSAGO.

– The choice of this insurance will be a good option for residents of any region of the country. For car owners of some cities with more than 3 years of experience, the tariffs will be lower than in other companies.

– AlfaStrakhovanie provides the sale of CASCO, Green Card, electronic e-OSAGO. The company has the highest expert rating of reliability A ++. AlfaStrakhovanie has more than 270 representatives in different regions of the country. The average amount of payments is about 41 thousand rubles.

– The price of OSAGO depends on a number of factors: region of residence, driving experience, engine power, and so on. The company more often than other insurers sends cars for repair to the station of an authorized dealer.

– The company ranks first in customer reviews, as well as in payments made. AlfaStrakhovanie is the leader in terms of protection.


– The company has a large client base throughout the country and positive reviews from motorists. Ingosstrakh provides good discounts to accident-free drivers – up to 40%.

– The company provides all the necessary services for motorists: CASCO, OSAGO, Green Card. The CASCO policy will indemnify for damage in the event of a car theft, as well as in case of complete destruction of the car as a result of an accident. When installing a monitoring system, the company provides a 5% discount.

– The amount of compensation is about 40 thousand rubles. The company refuses 3.3% of its clients. Ingosstrakh has a high A ++ reliability rating, as well as stable prospects for further development.

– Ingosstrakh company from year to year confirms its status in the insurance market and remains in the top 10. Today it has a large percentage of clients in Russia from the total mass.

– Despite the fact that the company has good positions, it is not very convenient to issue a policy on the official website, according to users. The calculator is inconvenient and may lead to technical difficulties.


– The company works at a low base rate, which is pleasantly reflected in the cost of the CTP policy. RESO-Garantia cooperates with hundreds of service stations throughout the country, and promptly inspects and repairs a car after an accident.

– You can report the occurrence of an insured event to the company using a mobile application that is adapted for different platforms.

– Today, RESO-Garantia is confidently in the TOP-10 of the best OSAGO insurers. The company has more than 4 million valid contracts and about 30 billion rubles of compensation.

– The company has a high expert rating of reliability A ++. The amount of insurance indemnities is 44 thousand rubles. But RESO-Garantia has a fairly high percentage of refusals – 4.8%.

– On the official website of RESO-Garantia, there is the possibility of delivering the official factory form of OSAGO. It should be noted that there is no difference between the CMTPL form and the printed version of the electronic e-CMTPL, both options are official. But some clients prefer the old version of the insurance policy.


– Renaissance is one of the budget insurance companies. Customers are encouraged to install a telematics system to track their driving style. This method of analysis is planned for widespread introduction in connection with the new amendments to the law on OSAGO. Thanks to such a system, accident-free drivers will be able to get up to 50% discount on hull insurance.

– One of the advantages of the company, in addition to favorable prices and conditions, is the presence of the company’s offices in many cities of the country. But today it is not necessary to visit the office to buy OSAGO, since the service is available online on the official website of Renaissance Insurance, as well as on POLIS812.

– On the official website of the company, you can issue an electronic MTPL only in the Moscow region, Leningrad, and Sverdlovsk. For other regions, you can use the Polis812 website.

VSK Insurance

– One of the most affordable OSAGO insurance can be purchased at VSK. Since 2020, the company has been reducing compulsory insurance rates for Moscow and the Moscow Region.

– The company is in good positions in the ratings of insurance companies. For car owners VSK offers two insurance options: OSAGO and CASCO. Business owners can insure heavy vehicles, air and rail transport.

– The number of refusals to reimburse payments from the company – 1.4%. The average amount of compensation is about 42 thousand rubles. According to the expert rating, the company has a high A ++ mark.

– The official website of VSK offers a wide range of online insurance services. You can enter through the portal of the State Service. The provision of electronic OSAGO has long been a relevant option for the company, since it appreciated the transition to contactless provision of services and the abandonment of agencies.

Rosgosstrakh Insurance

– One of the well-known companies, which is also considered successful in various types of insurance, and is quite in demand for the OSAGO service, is Rosgosstrakh. It is one of the largest companies in Russia in terms of insurance premiums. In addition, the company has the largest amount of compensation – 53 thousand rubles. As for refusals for refunds, about 3.5% of those who applied in the company face this.

– The company has a very high A ++ reliability rating according to RA Expert. The company has been maintaining this rating since 2008.

– Rosgosstrakh provides the opportunity to purchase OSAGO on the website, in one of 1500 sales offices throughout the country, or through intermediaries. Our insurance center “Polis” also cooperates with this company.

– The company provides various types of insurance, including all those necessary for car owners. When calculating the cost of the e-OSAGO policy, accident-free driving is taken into account. Thus, for every year without accidents, you can get a 5% discount.

Consent Insurance

– The company has been present on the insurance market for a long time and is one of the largest in insurance of MTPL in Moscow and other large cities. Consent has a large number of service stations, as well as competitive prices, which allows it to remain in the top 10 insurers.

– The company provides various insurance services. In addition to car insurance, Consent insures life and property, as well as those traveling abroad (travel insurance).

– Consent gives its customers a 1% discount on a monthly basis if the driver does not have an accident. If an insured event has not occurred under OSAGO during the year, then the client is provided with a 50% discount on CASCO.

Tinkoff Insurance

– The Tinkoff company is known to the population as a bank, but it is engaged in car insurance and all kinds of other insurances. For more than 3 years, the company has confidently ranked among the top 10 insurance companies.

– To purchase OSAGO, Tinkoff clients do not need to come to the office. All insurance services are available online. The company also has a mobile application with which the client can pay for any service, renew his CTP and CASCO policies, and inform the insurer about the occurrence of an accident. In the application, you can upload photos after the accident and make an appointment with the appraiser.

– In the event of an accident, you can consult a specialist at any time in a special chat. You can download the Accident Protocol and Europrotocol from your mobile phone to confirm the accident.

– It should be noted that the company does not provide insurance services for taxis, rental cars, as well as cars taken for a test drive.

– A universal insurance company that provides all the necessary insurance services. The company has branches in 20 regions of the country.

– For several years in a row, Absolut Insurance has been included in various ratings: TOP-15 in terms of premiums in mortgage insurance, TOP-20 in cargo insurance, TOP-20 in voluntary medical insurance, and so on. The company has a current rating of A + with a stable development outlook.

– In the list of companies providing OSAGO, it is always among the well-known. Clients note that there is not enough information on the provision of the service on the official website of the company. There are no preliminary calculations and explanations. Many buyers are confused by such straightforwardness, but for some it is not a minus.


Zetta Insurance

– The company provides all insurance services and the sale of electronic MTPL including. On the company’s website, you can issue an e-OSAGO and renew the policy in your personal account.

– The cost of the CTP policy starts from 2300 rubles. The price depends on a number of factors, as in other companies: driving experience, car power, and others.

– The financial reliability of Zetta is confirmed by the Expert RA rating agency. The company has a high A + rating. The company is periodically included in the expert ratings for insurance premiums.

– Several years ago, Zetta Insurance became the best in terms of customer service according to the results of the National Rating 2017 championship.


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