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If you buy a vehicle, then you need to know how to issue MTPL for a new car from the passenger compartment. Why is it important to get this insurance, where is it issued and how much does it cost? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article.

Briefly about OSAGO

OSAGO makes it possible to pay for the breakdown of another car and damage to the health of the driver in the event of a road traffic accident by means of the insurance company. You can protect your own car and your health voluntarily, with the help of a CASCO policy. Compulsory motor third party liability insurance, in contrast, is a mandatory document.

During the trip, you need to have a policy with you, along with a driver’s license and other documents. Without OSAGO, it is forbidden to move in a vehicle. According to the law, 10 days are given for its registration for a new car without numbers. If the owner of the car, who did not have time to get the MTPL, gets into an accident, then he will pay all the damage on his own. Therefore, it is more profitable to take out insurance as soon as possible.

Features of insurance of a new car from the salon

Large car dealerships work with one or more insurance companies. Sellers can offer their client to issue a policy for a new car without numbers immediately, at the time of purchase. At the same time, you actually have no choice and must agree to the price and conditions of the OSAGO that will be set for you. Another option is to choose a company, prepare documents and visit its office yourself. In this case, it is possible to study the reviews, calculate the cost of the policy in different organizations, think about what additional services you need.

Required documents

Before submitting documents, be sure to check their validity dates. An ordinary citizen, that is, an individual, must be provided with:

  • passport;
  • diagnostic card (if any);
  • driver’s license;
  • vehicle registration certificate (if any);
  • technical passport of the car;
  • statement.
  • diagnostic card (if any);
  • vehicle registration certificate (if any);
  • technical certificate;
  • organization seal;
  • a power of attorney from an organization giving the right to represent its interests;
  • certificate of state registration of the organization;
  • TIN;
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Terms of registration

You have the right to drive a new car without OSAGO insurance for 10 days. If you are stopped by a traffic police officer at this time, you can show him the sales contract as proof that the permitted period has not yet expired.

It so happens that a new purchased car needs to be driven to another region and registered there. There is no point in issuing OSAGO on the spot, but the trip may take more than 10 days. In this case, it is possible to order a transit policy. It is issued by all companies for a period of 20 days. Sometimes another person is engaged in the haul, in this case, you can get insurance by proxy from the owner of the car.

Cost calculation

The price of the CTP policy is the base rate and coefficients. The tariff is set by the Central Bank. This is a corridor, and within it companies set their prices. In 2019, the interval is 2746 – 4942 rubles. The price of insurance depends on the type of transport, the age of the owner and other factors.

The formula for calculating the price of OSAGO looks like this: base rate x Kt x KBM x Kvs x Ko x Km x Ks x Kpr x Kn, where the coefficients are deciphered:

  • Кт – coefficient of the territory, different for each region.
  • KBM – “bonus-malus” coefficient, discount for accident-free driving, may increase in case of accidents.
  • Kvs – coefficient of age and experience, discount for driver experience.
  • Co is the coefficient of restriction, which increases if many drivers are included in the insurance. For a legal entity, it is always 1.8.
  • Km is the power factor, the more powerful the car, the higher it is.
  • Kc is a discount for the period of machine downtime if you do not use it all year round.
  • Кпр – coefficient of the trailer, depends on the type of transport.
  • Кн – coefficient of violations, discount for correct driving.

This also applies to former participants in an accident. If you need to do this, then issue an unlimited OSAGO, it will be cheaper.

Before insuring a new car without numbers, call the company in your city and study the reviews to find the best deal. But don’t go for too cheap suspicious options. It is better to choose one of the well-known organizations, for example:

  • Rosgosstrakh;
  • Alpha insurance;
  • Sogaz;
  • RESO-Guarantee;
  • Consent;
  • Renaissance.

When you are issued a MTPL, check the correctness of filling in the data, the presence of all signatures and seals of the insurance company. In addition to the original policy, you must receive back your documents, a list of OSAGO rules, a receipt for payment, and forms for notification of an accident.

Do I need a technical inspection for a new car

Inspection is not required for a new car. When buying a car in the showroom, you are given a passport of a technical device (PTS), it is enough for issuing OSAGO. By law, the first inspection is carried out 3 years after the car leaves the assembly line. The date of purchase and production may vary, so check the data sheet when the machine was made at the factory.

Why, after receiving the numbers, go to the UK again

Before registering with the traffic police, you need to get insurance. Then the traffic police will give you numbers. But in order to enter them into the policy after issuing OSAGO for a new car without numbers, you need to visit the insurance company again.

Is it possible to make an electronic policy for a car without numbers

Electronic registration is very convenient, but not possible for a new car. There is a limitation, since the specialists of the insurance company must check the data in the traffic police database, and there is no car owner there yet. Therefore, for the first time you will have to insure a new car without numbers personally, and from the second year you can either yourself or online.

OSAGO is mandatory and protects the owner from unnecessary expenses in the event of an accident. It is important to take out insurance on time for a new car without numbers in order to meet the deadlines given by law. At the same time, it is possible to calculate the total cost yourself and choose the most advantageous offer among insurance companies.

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