Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh Event Sparks Surging Controversy: How Malibu Mayor Reacts

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As the K sister continues to enjoy her time as a new mother, Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her first child with Travis Barker. The reality star, though, appears to be in fresh difficulties. The Malibu mayor wrote a lengthy post about the neighbourhood and how her pool party lacked permission on Facebook this week.

Malibu Reacts on Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh Event

Kourtney Kardashian is implicitly criticized by the Malibu Mayor, claiming that people working for her company appear to have received an “A-OK” for a party in the 11th Hour from the City itself. 

It was all set out on Facebook on Saturday by Mayor Bruce Silverstein, who described what he alleges was a dubious approval of a permit that allowed Kourtney‘s camp to hold a private event in a house they rented in the Mayor’s neighbourhood—an event that he later discovered was connected to her Poosh brand.

Poosh Brand: Everybody with an Instagram was drooling over Kourtney Kardashian’s newest project, Poosh’s September soiree this past weekend. The company’s slogan is “A guide to living your best life,” and partygoers at the blog’s SoCal event certainly achieved that. 

Poolside with Poosh, in typical Kardashian fashion, generated FOMO and suspense through creative social media advertisements and an influencer-heavy guest list. The company put on a wellness event with a tropical theme that was designed by none other than Mindy Weiss Party Consultants. Visitors were welcomed for a “afternoon of wellness and relaxation” and given a map of the sponsored space after checking in at a hotel-style check-in booth. Bell carts lining the entrance had soft Brooklinen robes for every visitor. 

However, reading his post is worth understanding the entire context of what he’s complaining about. Moreover, it essentially explodes to preferential treatment that he claims is frequently given to the wealthy and famous Malibu. He also continued that it just happened that a Kardashian was the beneficiary this time. As for what he is openly upset about.

 When Silverstein discovered last week that an event was being set up in the empty house next door and that truckloads of waste were being dumped, he said he inquired about what was happening and was informed that it was an influencer event. 

The Mayor claims that after informing the event’s organizers that permission was required for such activities, he checked with city workers to ensure this was the case.

We won’t go into details, but basically, the Mayor says that the City approved a Special Events Permit for the event planners working for Poosh — and he continues to say that it seems to have been green-lit in record time, under what he affirms are potentially false pretences.

 when it comes to what the event was described as, how many people were supposed to be attending, the setup/breakdown method, and the citizen’s notice required.

However, the mayor asserts that everyone seems to have turned a blind eye to everything, and he speculates that everything was done to please a prominent local person.

The Mayor expresses his dismay at this and remarks that while celebrities receive rapid attention, average Malibu residents rarely receive the same treatment for their requests. He points out that they frequently must wait weeks for permits. He adds that this kind of activity causes the normies a great deal of trouble, both in terms of safety and as a general annoyance regarding noise, traffic, etc.

While Silverstein certainly appears upset with Kourtney and those who were working with her on this specific get-together, he’s much more frustrated at the powers that be that, in his opinion, are prepared to bend the knee at a moment’s notice—a culture he’s tired of. Silverstein states this is part of a much larger issue that he hopes to address soon at the next City Council meeting.

Several things to consider: although Poosh posted numerous pictures of their Malibu party on Instagram, it could be more apparent if Kourtney herself went. The Poosh party was organized by a significant PR firm (Harper Sloane).

Thus, Kourtney‘s involvement in this is currently unknown. That’s one more exciting tidbit worth addressing. She may be the face of the business, but we have no idea if she was aware of the occurrence or what if any, part she played in it. 

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Baby Shower Celebration Party by Kourtney: Disney-themed

Baby Shower Celebration Party by Kourtney: Disney-themed

On September 24, 2023, Kourtney Kardashian held her baby shower in Los Angeles. Kourtney Kardashian, one of the well-known Kardashians, hosted her baby shower with family and friends on Sunday at her Los Angeles home.

Travis Barker, 47, a singer and Kourtney‘s husband, released pictures from the extravagant party while admitting that he had tested positive for Covid only a few days previously.

Kourtney can be seen posing in front of a sizable sign with flags that reads: “Baby Barker” in one of the pictures from the baby shower that have been going viral online.

The 44-year-old pregnant woman can be seen sporting Mickey Mouse ears to go along with her snakeskin-printed catsuit that bares her growing belly.

Each member of Kourtney‘s family captured the occasion on camera and posted it to social media.

The ‘lovely’ decorations were displayed in clips that Kim Kardashian, 42, posted. She took a picture of the lobby’s red and white striped barbershop quartet greeters clutching balloons.

There were small “Baby Barker” banners and a multicoloured balloon archway outside the front entrance.The bespoke “Baby Barker” cake, shaped like a baby bottle with Mickey himself steering the boat on top, was the highlight of the day.

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