Lzzy Hale Rocks Out with Captivating Avatar in Nashville!

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Hey, music fans! So, last night, something really cool happened at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee. Lzzy Hale, the lead singer of a rock band called Halestorm, shared the stage with a Swedish metal band named Avatar! They performed a song together called “Violence No Matter What“. If you’re curious about how it went, there are videos taken by fans that you can check out!

Avatar was super excited about the performance and shared a photo from the concert with a message saying, “Only in Nashville! The crowd was so loud and energetic; we knew we needed some extra power on stage. Lucky for us, Lzzy Hale was in town! It was a night we’ll never forget. Big thanks to Lzzy and to everyone who came to rock out with us in Nashville!”

Here’s a fun fact: Lzzy Hale isn’t just a guest performer for this song—she’s actually featured in the original studio version of “Violence No Matter What”! This song is part of Avatar’s ninth album, “Dance Devil Dance”, which was released in February through Black Waltz Records.

Violence No Matter WhatOrigins

Lzzy was really inspired by the song and was thankful to Avatar for letting her be a part of it. She said, ‘Violence No Matter What’ was such an inspiring piece to be a part of! Big thanks to the guys for letting me express my feelings about the problems in the world through this awesome song.”

The Message Behind “Violence No Matter What”: Johannes Perspective

Hey everyone! Let’s talk a bit more about Avatar’s song, “Violence No Matter What”. Johannes Eckerström, the lead singer of Avatar, shared some thoughts about the song’s message. He believes that it’s okay for people to have debates, disagreements, and different opinions. However, he strongly feels that there’s a limit to it. He draws the line at using violence to maintain authority and having a worldview that always needs enemies, and he rejects the idea of going back to a made-up glorious past.

Now, here’s a cool fact about the album “Dance Devil Dance” where this song appears. It was actually recorded in the wilderness of Sweden! That’s far from the busy life of big cities and high-tech studios. The producer for this album was Jay Ruston, who has worked with many other bands like Anthrax and Stone Sour. He has been working with Avatar for quite a while, mixing and producing their previous albums.

A Comparison to Judas Priest: Avatar’s Musical Evolution

In August 2022, Eckerström compared Avatar’s latest album to Judas Priest’s “British Steel”. He feels that, like Judas Priest, Avatar has evolved to become more focused and clear about its music style, cutting off unnecessary parts. He sees this album as Avatar‘s response to what they feel metal music needs right now.

Hey rockers! Johannes Eckerström from Avatar has some passionate thoughts about heavy metal music. He feels like it’s up to the musicians of today to “save” heavy metal. He thinks some people are stuck in the past, trying to imitate the great bands, but Johannes believes in moving forward. “We need to find out what’s next for us, without losing our true selves,” he says.

Johannes is all about the energy in metal music. He believes it’s the kind of music you should move to—whether it’s dancing, headbanging, or just getting pumped up! “If the band has drums, why wouldn’t you move?” he questions. He wants metal to continue to be dynamic and lively, not something you just sit down and listen to quietly.

He respects the masters of metal like Motörhead and Judas Priest and learns from them, but he also wants to do something new. “They did that. We’re now, and what’s next with that,” he explains. He hopes to bring something fresh to the table with Avatar’s music.

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Avatar’s Rocking Journey: Recent Tour Highlights

And speaking of Avatar, they’ve had a rocking journey recently! Last summer, they toured across North America and performed some of the biggest shows of their career. They supported the legendary Iron Maiden in stadiums in Brazil and played in arenas supporting Sabaton. Plus, they performed at major festivals around the world, like Inkcarceration, Summer Breeze, and Bloodstock Open Air.

Who Is Lzzy Hale?

Who is Lzzy Hale?
Lzzy Hale Rocks Out with Captivating Avatar in Nashville! 3

On October 10, 1963, Elizabeth Mae Hale, sometimes known as Lzzy Hale, was born in the United States. The hard rock band Halestorm, which she and her brother co-founded in 1997, is most recognised for having her on lead vocals and guitar. Hale has worked with several excellent musicians through this band, including Machine Gun Kelly, Stone Sour, Lindsey Stirling, and Eric Church. She is a gifted musician who has carved a path for herself in the music business after 25 years of producing songs. Especially on her birthday today, she deserves to be honoured!

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