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If your carrier supports this feature, you can set up a conference call on iPhone for up to five people.

The number of participants in a conference call, as well as the ability to add, join, or disconnect, depends on the operator. For more information on the possibilities of making conference calls, contact your operator.

Starting a conference call

  1. Call the first participant and wait for the connection.
  2. Click the Add Call button ().
  3. Call the second participant and wait for the connection.
  4. Click the button.
  5. The two calls will be combined into a conference call. Follow instructions 2-4 to add people. If the option to add another call is not available, you may have exceeded the participant limit in the case of your operator.

Participant names are visible only to the person who started the conference call. However, if a participant adds someone else, they are shown the name of the participant they added and who created the conference call.

If the call merging option is not displayed, your carrier does not support it. For more information on conference calls, contact your operator.

Adding an incoming caller

If you are on a conference call and someone calls you, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click Hold + Answer.
  2. Wait for the connection and press the call merge button ().

If the call merging option is not displayed, then it is not supported in this case, or your operator does not support it.

Removing participants

  1. During a conference call, press the Details button ().
  2. Click the end call button next to the participant you want to disconnect.

If you do not see the option to remove members, then it is not supported in this case, or your operator does not support it.

How to enable conference calling on iPhone?

The ability to create a group call from a regular call on an iPhone is one of the most rarely used by users. Not because there are some difficulties in setting up or turning on the conference, just few people are aware of the existence of such a possibility in principle. In this guide, we will describe in detail the process of creating a conversation with several callers at the same time on the iPhone.

The need to create a group call can appear in a variety of situations and most users will think of using Skype or similar. However, not everyone uses instant messengers, so you need to turn to the standard iPhone features for help.

In order to create a group conference, you must call the first subscriber and ask him to wait on the line until other subscribers join. Themselves at this time, refer to the call menu on the iPhone and click the Add button , then select another subscriber you want to connect to the group call.

After adding a new subscriber to a group call, you need to click on the ” Connect ” button in order to unite all the participants of the mobile conference on one line. Until then, you will only communicate with the last dialed subscriber, which can also be useful, for example, to explain the reasons for the call.

As a conference creator, you can not only add new users to the call, but also disconnect those present. To do this, you need to click on the information icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the subscriber you want to disconnect from the call.

During a group call, you can talk to an individual subscriber from the conference by clicking the Replace button . To return to the general conversation, press the Connect button .

How to make conference calls on iPhone with iOS 7 and above

Many Clients of our service center, who use iPhone as their main communication tool (both for personal and business purposes), often ask the question: how to organize conference calls on iPhone in order to be able to conduct group discussions or negotiations over the phone. We have prepared this small but useful instruction especially for you.

So, in order to organize a conference call with several subscribers on the iPhone, you do not need to install any additional applications – it is enough that your cellular operator supports the conference function. You can clarify this information at any office of your mobile operator, or by calling the customer support service.

How do I organize a conference call on iPhone?

To organize a conference call on iPhone, you first need to make a call to the subscriber, who will be one of the conference participants. To do this, with the usual movements, you need to find it in the contact list and click “Call”. Then, during a call, click on the “Add” button with the “+” icon that appears on the screen of your device along with other call functions (mute the microphone, turn on the speakerphone, switch to FaceTime, etc.). After clicking the “Add” button, select from your address book the person whom you want to make one of the conference participants.

Thus, you can select other conference participants – the main thing is that the contact numbers of these people are recorded in the phone book of your iPhone. After the conference is formed, to start the conversation, press the “Merge” button, which looks like two arrows joining into one. The fact that the conference mode is active and the conference is formed will be indicated by a change in the color of the “Connect” button.

If during the conference you need to talk only with one of its participants, click the “Replace” button (two arrows, wave-directed in different directions), after which the second participant of the conversation will be in standby mode, which you will be notified of on the iPhone screen … To return to conference mode, simply press the Connect button again.

We hope that this small instruction will be useful for you and make using the iPhone even more convenient in everyday life. If you are interested in any other questions related to the possibilities of using the iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can always ask them in the comments to the materials on our website, in the VKontakte community.

How to enable a group call using conference calling on an iPhone

Owners of iPhones have access to the opportunity to organize conferences directly on the phone in the “online” mode. Through the Internet, interlocutors are united, wherever they are in the world. The answer to the question: how to make conference calls on an iPhone is very simple. You need to enable communication, create a call, add users.

The conference allows you to effectively solve business issues, interact with relatives and friends. You don’t need to tell everyone the same thing separately. The option is available regardless of the services provided by mobile operators.

Setting up a group call

In most cases, the “cellular” companies in Russia provide an opportunity to bring people together and create a group conversation using the iPhone. But if the user is not sure about this service, first it is recommended to clarify the availability of this function. The number of participants – from two to five – is determined by the operator. It is important to enable the “Call Waiting”, “Call Hold” options in advance. The first option is found in Phone Settings:

Removing from a conference

Each member of the conversation can independently leave the “social circle”. All you need to do is hang up the phone and hang up the call. But there are situations when a person is forcibly removed. To do this, the conversation organizer:

  • finds the “i” icon located next to the contact on the right;
  • presses the “End call” key.

It is allowed to create a private conversation within the conference. For this, the main line is not interrupted; this will require:

  • press “i” opposite the contact of the person with whom there was a desire to communicate personally;
  • find the “Private” option located near the “Hang up”;
  • confirm the transition;
  • at the end of a private conversation, return to the menu, re-unite all the participants in the conversation.

To prevent others from hearing what is at stake, simply turn off the speaker on the iPhone. Thus, outsiders will not be aware of what is happening.

Problems arise due to poor quality connections. It is recommended that you check your phone and network settings before starting a conference call.


The organization of a “circle of communication” with several participants is not particularly difficult, however, as well as the removal of unwanted interlocutors. Once you try communication in a group according to the instructions described above, everything will become simple and understandable.

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