Miss India winner Achiever in Hollywood, Competes Priyanka, Deepika, Aishwarya, or Alia

Whenever the questions come to our mind regarding the Hollywood industry’s most peculiar Indian actresses then it is almost sure popular names come to our like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, but here another fresh news is that about Miss India winner Peris Khambatta who has created history in Hollywood industries at the young age itself. This article is mostly based on this related hottest news.

Miss India Winner famous girl Persis Khambatta

However, many are unaware that the first Indian actress to achieve success in Hollywood predates these renowned names and made her mark back in the 1960s. There is a great salute for the middle-class-born Peris Khambatta bcoz of her admirable achievement despite lots of painful incidents (Khambatta’s father’s death) from her childhood itself. Khambatta’s journey to success began when a Bombay photographer used her casual photographs for a soap brand campaign, catapulting her into the world of modeling. Peris Khambatta’s first appearance at the age of 13 in advertisements for the Soap brand Rexona set her on her way to becoming a popular model.

Miss India winner Achievers Glimpse 

Persis Khambatta was on the Miss Universe list from India. Persis Khambatta’s excellent performance entered Miss Universe 1965 in July of that year, dressed in off-the-rack clothes she bought at the last minute. Persis Khambatta was the second winner of Femina Miss India and in the Indian Miss Universe list as a third Indian woman Persis Khambatta participated In the Femina Miss India contest. The Hollywood industry Persis Khambatta also won the Miss Photogenic award.

Femina Miss India 1965 Persis Khambatta who made waves in Hollywood photos on ETimes Photo Gallery. Indian actress Persis Khambatta’s biggest acting break was getting the role of Lieutenant Ilia, the bald Deltan alien in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).

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In 1965, Persis participated in and won the title of Femina Miss India, becoming the third Indian to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. Besides Persis Khambatta’s success in “Star Trek,” Khambatta faced challenges in securing substantial roles in Hollywood. Often typecast due to her appearance, Indian actress Persis Khambatta appeared in various films and television shows over the years, such as “Nighthawks” (1981) and “Megaforce” (1982), but none attained the same level of recognition as Bombay’s famous girl Persis Khambatta liability role.

Persis Khambatta’s modeling career flourished as she worked with renowned companies such as Air India, Revlon, and Garden Vareli. After making her Bollywood debut in K. A. Abbas’s “Bambai Raat Ki Bahon Mein” in 1968, Persis set her sights on Hollywood. Persis Khambatta initially took on smaller roles in films like “Conduct Unbecoming” and “The Wilby Conspiracy” in 1975. However, it was Persis Khambatta’s role as Lieutenant Ilia in the popular Hollywood movie “Star Trek” that brought her widespread recognition.

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Persis Khambatta won the Saturn Award in that “Star Trek” movie and even shaved her head for the role, earning praise for her performance. In 1980, Persis Khambatta made history as the first Indian citizen to present an Academy Award. Persis Khambatta’s Hollywood career with movies such as “Nighthawks,” “Megaforce,” “Warrior of the Lost World,” and “She-Wolves of the Wasteland.”After a car accident in West Germany, Persis returned to India in 1985 and appeared in the Bollywood film “Shingora” opposite Aditya Pancholi and Marc Zuber in 1986. Peris Khambata’s wonderful performance was cast in the pilot episode of “Lois & Clark: That is The New Adventures of Superman” in 1993.


Outside of her acting endeavors, Persis Khambatta also wrote a coffee table book called “Pride of India,” which featured several Miss India winners and was dedicated to Mother Teresa. On the personal front, Persis Khambatta was initially married to actor Cliff Taylor, but in 1989, she married Rui Saldanha, a former field hockey player who represented Great Britain at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Tragically, Persis Khambatta passed away in 1998 due to a massive heart attack. To memorize an Indian actress in Hollywood Persis Khambatta, there held in Mumbai the burial ceremony, Because of Persis Khambatta’s Memorable work, which is burning brightly even today as when Persis Khambatta was close to us. However, now the Hollywood industry is missing due to of her remarkable outstanding performance.