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Welcome to family life simulator. For nine months you have carried a child, now you need to put him on his feet. Take care of your family, feel like a real mom. You can download Mom Simulator from the link on our website.

About the game

The studio that developed and published the application was Skytec Games Inc. The company previously managed to create several games in the simulator genre, but it was the family simulator that became the most massive and popular among users. Previous games were in the horror genre and did not reach the general public, probably due to weak graphics.

The number of downloads for Android Mom Simulator is already ten million (data taken from the Play Market). The average rating by users is 4 stars out of 5. In positive reviews, players note the variety of modes and nice design. In the negative – an abundance of advertising.

The game is not localized, there is no Russian language. However, the interface is simple and clear, there are not many dialogs, and the names of the buttons in the menu are easily translated. There is a fan mod, a hacked version to get rewards without watching ads. It is more introductory. You can download the hacked Mom Simulator game from the link below the article.


The main game mechanic is QTE (Quick Time Event), which can be translated as “quick event”. In the game, you need to perform small tasks – clean up after the child, entertain, read a book. And in order to complete the mini-quest, you need to press the appropriate button on time and in a certain order. Download Mom Simulator for free you can follow the link, an APK file is available without viruses and ads.


The whole story revolves around the main character – a virtual mom, who needs to lead a household life and look after her little son. Your duties include cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and so on.

There is also a second parent – the father. Its function is very classical – to work and bring resources to the family for existence. In some quests and events, his role is also played out, for example, on trips with his family to nature. Download Mom Simulator to your phone and help a virtual family build a house full of water.

Video review


This mobile game is a classic simulation and is clearly inspired by the Sims series of games. The project is suitable for young mothers and those who are preparing to become one. Download the full version of Mom Simulator from our link and get a welcome bonus for signing up.

Download Mom Simulator: Family Life free on Android


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