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In the latest quality ratings, HGST Corporation’s 4TB physical hard drives became the best drives in the past fiscal year . It is worth recalling that in 2013 the first line in the reliability rating was occupied by hard drives from Hitachi. The second place was also taken by the products of the HGST company, but in a smaller volume. The worst of all is the Seagate corporation. The fact is that the total percentage of failures in hard drives of this company is simply off scale in comparison with competing models and devices.

It should be noted that such a reliability rating has been held for the seventh year in a row. It should be stated that the detailed analysis was carried out by the independent company Backblaze, which is engaged in the storage of informational data of a huge scale.

For a qualitative assessment of reliability, 45 thousand HDD models were selected. In the process of selecting the contestants, only those devices were taken into account that are fully used in large information objects. The report mentions that some of the drives were manufactured by Hitachi, but are listed as HGST branded products in the ranking list. Based on the data obtained, third-party experts recommend that all users purchase HGST branded hard drives.

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