Microsoft directly offered an alternative to classic PDF. An XPS file is an XML-based format for working with graphic documents. Compared to PDF, XPS is lighter. Support for this format is present by default in all versions of the system up to and including Windows 10.

This article will show you how to open XPS file in Windows 10. To view them, you use the XPS viewer already installed. Now users will have to enable it in components starting from version 1803 of Windows 10. The location of programs and components has been somewhat moved to the updated system settings.

XPS Viewer Windows 10

The XPS Viewer has long been used to view XPS files. It allows you to read, copy, print, sign XPS documents and set permissions for them. After updating the operating system, you will need to enable it in the Windows 10 Programs and Features section.

System parameters

Go to Settings> Apps> Apps & features> Extras . Now click the Add Component and selecting the XPS Viewer poke Set.

open XPS file in Windows

Important! The location of programs and components in different versions of the operating system may differ slightly. Since there are many additional components, there is definitely the possibility of installing them.

Command line

In principle, you can use the classic command line running as administrator. In the window that opens, just run the command:  DISM / Online / Add-Capability /CapabilityName: XPS.Viewer~~~~ .

open XPS file in Windows

Wait for the installation process of the selected component to complete. Be careful, you need an Internet connection to install the components. If the required component is not in the system, it will be downloaded from the Microsoft server.

How to open an XPS file in Windows 10

You can now launch the XPS Viewer by running the command: xpsrchvw.exe in a Win + R window . Search for the XPS Viewer app if necessary .

open XPS file in Windows

In the viewer window that opens, click File> Open . In Explorer, browse to a location and select the XPS document. In principle, you can use the context menu to open with select the desired application.

Most desktop PDF applications allow you to open an XPS file. Additionally, there will be no problems with the possibility of converting an unknown XPS into a familiar PDF. For a quick conversion, you can use online services or appropriate software.

For example, the popular STDU Viewer can view files in XPS format. Internet Explorer 11 also allows you to view XPS files if the NET Framework 3.5 for Windows 10 is installed.

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The document contains data written in XPS (XML Paper Specification) format. This format can contain marks as well as data required to print a document. An XPS file is similar to a .PDF file, open XPS file in Windows, but based on XML instead of PostScript.

You can use standard operating system tools to view the contents of an XPS document. Additionally, you can use many third-party programs: classic for the desktop and trusted from the Microsoft Store.


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