Palan Day 1 Box Office Collection: A Remarkable Tribute to Mrinal Sen

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Palan box office collection

Check out the Palan Day 1 Box Office Collection, a bengali film,  which was released on September 22nd, Kaushik Ganguly is preparing to mark Mrinal Sen’s 100TH birth anniversary and his immeasurable contribution to cinema. With ”Kharij” Sen’s original masterwork from 1982, this movie aspires to do proper honour.

Palan bengali movie has undoubtedly generated curiosity with the publication of its official trailer and promise to reimagine the Kharij roles. Anjan Dutt, Mamata Shankar, Sreela Majumdar, Jisshu U Sengupta, and Paoli Dam are among the well-known actors who appear in the film, which begins with their characters in an abandoned house in contemporary Kolkata. Incredibly, Dutt, Shankar, and Majumdar all had significant parts in the original Kharij; this unifies the tribute.   

Palan: The tribute to Mrinal Sen Day 1 Box office collection
Palan Day 1 Box Office Collection: A Remarkable Tribute to Mrinal Sen 3

‘Palan’ Day 1 Box Office Collection

‘Due to the fact that ‘Palan’ Movie is a regional movie that Bengalis would like, it was created for a budget of around Rs 4 crore, which covers all of the movie’s expenditures. The movie has a total screen count of 450 Screen out of which in India it is 400 and overseas it is 50 screen. In India, the net collection for the movie is 0.33 Cr. Whereas, the opening day box office collection has 0.15 Cr.

Palan Movie Details

DirectorKaushik Ganguly
Budget4 Cr
ProductionPramod Films
Release Date22 September 2023
Genre Drama
Palan Movie Details

Lead Cast Members of the Palan Movie

DirectorKaushik Ganguly
CastJisshu Sengupta, Paoli Dam, Debapratim Dasgupta, Anjan Dutt, Sreela Majumdar
CinematographyAppu Prabhakar
EditingSubhajit Singha
Palan Cast Details
  • Kaushik Ganguly was born on August 4, 1968, in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. He is a writer and performer best known for his work on The Elder Son (2019), Cinemawala (2016), and The Eunuch and the Flute Player (2017).
  • On March 15, 1977, Jisshu Sengupta was born in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. He is an actor and producer best known for his roles in Sita Ramam (2022), Ek Je Chhilo Raja (2018), and Zulfiqar (2016). The movie was depicted from a renowned Samresh Majumdar novel, which was about the 1980s Naxalite movement.
  • Anjan Dutt is an actor and filmmaker best known for the films Byomkesh Phire Elo (2014), The Kaleidoscope (1981), and Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona (2011).
  • Mamata Shankar comes from one of West Bengal, India’s most distinguished families. She is a  skilled actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer. In 1977, she made her acting debut in the Marxist movie “Mrigayaa” (The Royal Hunt), directed by Mrinal Sen.

In Search of Famine (1981), Target Kolkata (2013), and Mon Mayuree (1990) are all works by Sreela Majumdar.

Where to Watch ‘Palan’ Movie

The OTT platform for Palan bengali movie has yet to be decided upon, similar to the OTT release date. The film’s digital streaming rights, however, are being sought after by Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. As soon as information regarding the OTT release date and OTT platform for Palan becomes available, we will update this article.

Brief About ‘Kharij’ Movie 

A Ramapada Chowdhury book served as the inspiration for the Kharji narrative. It described the tragic death of a young servant named Palan, who had been discovered dead in the family’s kitchen, and how a middle-class family went through with it. The plot of the story focuses on the efforts of the family to console the child’s heartbroken father. However, several honors, such as the Jury awards at the famous Cannes Film Festival in 1983, recognized this revolutionary film’s artistic and social significance. 

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How Palan is linked with Kharij Movie

A well-known director who creates powerful images of complex interpersonal connections, Kaushik Ganguly, has been greatly influenced by Sen’s works. Despite the fact that he was never introduced to Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen’s contacts with him had a significant impact on the way he saw the world and what constitutes a great film. His reaction to Sen’s representation of Kharij, in particular, was substantial, and he regularly muses on who should be held culpable for Palan’s demise in the movie. As seen by Palan’s terrible conflict, Ganguly investigates in his writing the psychological terrain of conscience and remorse.

What Makes Palan Movie so Excited 

Kaushik Ganguly movies are so heart-touching that following the success of Ganguly’s last movie, Kaberi Antardhan, fans are eager to see how Palan Bengali movie does at the box office. The tribute film offers a different perspective on the issues Sen’s Kharij first brought to light four decades ago, which debuts at a key juncture in history. It is more than merely a review of critical concerns for society that are still relevant today.

Bottom Line

On September 22, 2023, the Bengali-language movie Palan Movie was released in theatres. The length of Palan Movie, a family drama movie, is 2 hours and 7 minutes. Although, the film has not covered the budget that it had spent yet, the counting is still going on. Check out the collection for a week to drop a conclusion about the movie whether it is a hit or flop.

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