The Tiki-Taka approach of Paris Saint-Germain is revealed

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Paris Saint Germain tactical flaws were exposed. Their effectiveness, difficulties, and the requirement for flexibility are examined in the article.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) suffered a tactical setback that caused them to lose to Newcastle United 4-1 in an unexpected turn of events. Despite having a distinctive playing style this season, PSG’s match with Newcastle revealed flaws in their performance. In-depth analysis of PSG’s performance, their difficulties adjusting to a high-intensity pressing style, and the issues it raises regarding their tactical adaptability are covered in this article.

The Playing Style of Paris Saint Germain

PSG has demonstrated a distinct playing style this season that is characterised by an offensive mindset. PSG picked a squad in their most recent game against Newcastle United that highlighted their strength in attack. The club depended on a potent attacking quartet consisting of Kylian Mbappe, Goncalo Ramos, Ousmane Dembele, and Randall Kolo Muani because Manuel Ugarte and Warren Zaire-Emery were the only established midfielders.

The intensity of Newcastle is overwhelming.

Despite having a strong attacking lineup, PSG struggled to withstand Newcastle United’s constant, intense pressure. The English team’s organised pressing and aggressive play interrupted PSG’s flow and forced them to look for solutions. The French champions were immediately outmatched, leaving them with a lot of unanswered issues, especially about their morality and tactical agility.

Lucas Hernandez, a defender who managed to score PSG’s lone goal in the second half, recognised the challenges they encountered in the middle of the pitch. He emphasised the size disadvantage PSG had in the middle of the pitch and agreed that it presented tough problems.

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The Need for Change

With a 2-0 deficit going into the locker room at halftime, it was clear that adjustments were required. To offset Newcastle’s dominance, the team needed better control in the middle of the pitch. Many were shocked, though, when PSG manager Luis Enrique continued to use the same starting lineup for the second half. PSG lost another goal as a result of this poor choice in the 50th minute.

Despite having over 70% of the ball, PSG struggled to generate risky situations and made many expensive mistakes. Notably, Newcastle’s first goal was scored by Miguel Almiron as a result of Marquinhos’ bad clearing.

Enrique accepted responsibility for the loss but held back on providing a thorough justification for the team’s performance. Although he applauded the team’s mentality, it was obvious that PSG’s front four struggled to successfully press the opposition, and Ugarte had trouble making his presence felt in the middle of the pitch.

Although midfielder Warren Zaire-Emery excelled, it was unable to halt Newcastle’s high-intensity play. Zaire-Emery recognised the necessity for problem-solving but voiced scepticism over the underlying roots of PSG’s difficulties.

Understanding Mistakes

The club as a whole is aware that adjustments are required ahead of PSG’s next Champions League match against AC Milan at Parc des Princes. Lucas Hernandez emphasised the need of applying the lessons learned through errors on the pitch.

He emphasised that rather than depending on words made in front of cameras and microphones, it was the players’ obligation to show their skills on the pitch. The emphasis must change from outside views to concrete outcomes on the pitch.

Concluding Statement: Meeting Challenges

The loss to Newcastle United by Paris Saint-Germain serves as a sobering reminder of the difficulties that even the most successful teams may encounter. Despite having a well defined playing style, PSG’s capacity to adjust to intense pressure was questioned. The club and manager Luis Enrique must strive to strike the appropriate chord between defensive steadiness and attacking flare.

PSG has a chance to atone in their next Champions League match against AC Milan. It’s an opportunity for them to show how flexible and resilient they are in the face of difficulty. In their quest to remain one of football’s powerhouses in Europe, Newcastle may find great value in the lessons they gained from their setback.

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