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About Ride On Movie

The Ride On movie’s main photography commenced on September 27, 2021, and it was completed on November 10, 2022. Both the Pegasus Watertown in Jiangyin and the Hengdian World Studios in Dongyang were used for filming.

After watching a documentary on Kung Fu Stuntmen, filmmaker Larry Yang, a fan of Jackie Chan, wrote the screenplay. First, Larry tried to find Chan to read his screenplay, but he was turned down and told to update it in a few months. Yang spent five days finishing the modification before sending it back to Chan, who then agreed to the filming.

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Ride On Plot

Lao Luo is a well-known stuntman who performs with his deformed-at-birth stunt horse Red Hare, which he saved from being put down. His life is falling apart because he lost custody of his daughter, Xiao Bao, after divorcing his late wife when she was still a minor and went bankrupt eight years prior due to a terrible accident.

Lao and Red Hare got into a confrontation with debt collectors one night, and they quickly found out that Red Hare might be put up for auction after their previous firm filed for bankruptcy. Bao, who is currently a law student at a university, offers her boyfriend Naihua’s assistance to Lao when he asks for legal advice. At first, she is hesitant to do so.

Lao and Red Hare are recruited for multiple films after his battle with the debt collectors becomes viral, and Bao ends up becoming his agent. Despite the fact that they may support one another in trying times, Bao quickly displays uneasiness at Lao’s stunt work out of concern that he and Red Hare might sustain harmful injuries.

Lao humiliates Bao in front of Naihua’s parents and then walks out on him out of hatred. Later, during a stunt, Lao and Red Hare suffer major injuries, leading to Lao’s hospitalisation. Bao discovers that Lao has stored CCTV footage of a failed encounter he had with her when she was younger when investigating Lao’s home for an ID card. At the hospital, Lao and a moved Bao makeup, and Lao swears to give up performing stunts.

After a brief altercation, Lao settles his debt and asks Dami Ge, the top debt-collecting thug, to join his followers. One night, Lao awakens to find the debt collectors trying to kidnap Red Hare. To Bao’s dismay, Lao accepts a role in Yuanjie’s film that pays homage to stunt work the following day after receiving an invitation from Yuanjie, his trainee. Lao insists on carrying out a risky stunt himself during filming but is unable to complete it after recalling Bao’s advice and leaves the job.

Despite being able to make amends with Bao once more, Lao loses the legal battle for Red Hare and is compelled to sell them to a business. Bao and Naihua persuade the CEO of the company, He Xin, to visit Red Hare in order to show him a video of Lao’s earlier stunt work and demonstrate his commitment to his job because they can’t stand by and watch them torn apart. He Xin gives Red Hare back to Lao, claiming that he had always planned to do so because Red Hare had tried to starve himself while under the company’s ownership. Lao, Bao, and Naihua rejoin Red Hare as He Xin departs.

Ride On Cast

  • Jackie Chan plays Lao Luo, a traditional stuntman with a horse named Red Hare. 
  • Lao Luo’s daughter Xiao Bao, played by Liu Haocun
  • Xiao Bao’s boyfriend, Naihua, is played by Guo Qilin.
  • Yuanjie, Lao Luo’s apprentice, is portrayed by Wu Jing.
  • Joey Yung portrays Yingzi, a woman stunt performer and Lao Luo’s apprentice.
  • Yu Ailei plays Xiamao, Yingzi’s husband.
  • Yu Rongguang portrays Lao Luo’s horse-loving CEO He Xin in the drama.
  • Dami Ge, played by Andy On, is a thug who works for debt collectors.
  • Li Yan, a lawyer for He Xin, played by Xiaoshenyang
  • Lao Luo’s friend and stunt performer Dawei, played by Shi Yanneng

Ride On Movie Budget

Not available.

Ride On Movie Box Office Collection

Worldwide: $36,232,675

Domestic: $128,950

International: $36,103,725

Ride On Movie Release Date

On April 7, 2023, Ride On was made available in the UK, the USA, and China. On April 13, 2023, the movie was also released in Malaysia.

Ride On Movie Trailer

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