Surprised By Oxford: Blissful Day 1 Box Office Collection Budget, Cast, Reviews Overview

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Explore the Surprised by Oxford Day 1 Collection now. This film, written and directed by Ryan Whitaker, puts an emphasis on several elements that are frequently overlooked in faith-based entertainment: a beautiful aesthetic, an intelligent plot, competent acting, and a desire to entertain rather than instruct the audience.

The international premiere of Surprised by Oxford Movie, which recently took place at the Heartland International Film Festival, is a gorgeous film. Oxford was the setting for the movie, and it shines in all its renowned majesty. Although a movie like this serves as a virtual tour of Oxford’s main attractions, I’m not convinced the city needs more visitors. 

Surprised By Oxford Day 1 Box Office Collection


Surprised By Oxford Moive Details

MovieSurprised By Oxford
DirectorRyan Whitaker
Carolyn Weber
Ryan Whitaker
MusicNick Box
ProducerKen Carpenter, Jen Lewis
Release Date27 September 2023 (USA)
GenreDrama, Romance
ProductionEvolve Studios
Nook Lane Entertainment
Ascendant Fox
Surprised By Oxford Moive Details



Surprised By Oxford Trailer

Surprised By Oxford: Where to Watch 

Surprised By Oxford book reading fans won’t want to miss this one, so don’t miss it! After becoming stuck on an extraterrestrial, Surprised By Oxford Movie is followed as it tries to navigate his way back to his best achievement. With gorgeous images and an exciting story, the movie is undoubtedly a film you won’t want to miss! On top of that, you can watch Surprised By Oxford Movie online right here. Online streaming services like 123Movies, Reddit, or TV series from HBO Max or Netflix are all free, and so is the movie Surprised By Oxford!

Surprised By Oxford Movie
Surprised By Oxford: Blissful Day 1 Box Office Collection Budget, Cast, Reviews Overview 3

Top Lead Cast For Surprised By Oxford

DirectorRyan Whitaker
CastSimon Callow, Rose Reid, Mark Williams, Phyllis Logan, Ruairi O’Connor
CinematographyEdd Lukas
EditingZach Prichard
Casting ByRegina Moore…(u.s. casting), Taye Nelson…(u.s casting), Kate Ringsell…(u.k. casting)
Casting Member Details
  • The Pendragon Cycle (2024), After (2012), and Surprised by Oxford (2023) are some of Ryan Whitaker’s best-known works. Since 2006, he has been wed to Patti Palermo Smith. They have four kids together.
  • Simon Callow was born in London, England, on June 13, 1949. He is a writer and actor best known for his roles in Shakespeare in Love (1998), A Room with a View (1985), and Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). Since June 2016, he has been wed to Sebastian Fox.
  • American actress, author, and producer Rose Reid was raised in the southern part of Nashville, Tennessee. She authored her first script when she was just 14 years old, and at age 16, she assisted in the short film’s production. The rest was history for her.
  • The 11th of January 1956 saw the birth of Phyllis Logan in Paisley, Scotland. Her performances in the films Secrets & Lies (1996), Another Time, Another Place (1983), and Downton Abbey (2019) have earned her the most acclaim as an actress. Her marriage to Kevin McNally began on August 15, 2011. Their only child is a boy.
  • Born in County Dublin on July 9, 1991, Ruairi O’Connor is an Irishman. For his roles in The Morning Show (2019), The Postcard Killings (2020), and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021), he is most recognised.

Background of the Movie

More crucially, the story of Surprised by Oxford has a beating heart and a pulse. There are other issues than abstract debates. There are existential longings and embodied desires involved. Or, put another way, it’s human. This is why it stands out among other faith-based movies the most. 

It acknowledges that elements such as love, humour, whimsy, beauty, sorrow, longing, and enjoying a pint with friends are not unrelated to the “more important” objective of conveying the truth. Instead, these factors have a role in how we determine what is true. Caro, like Lewis, makes this discovery.

 We can find God through our unfulfilled longings, restlessness, and divine discontentment—the deep, joyous aching that Lewis refers to as Sehnsucht. Because it’s there, Kent suggests to Caro, “Maybe we reach for something.”

Movie Reviews 

Unconventional Love Story: “Surprised by Oxford” is characterised as an unconventional love story that deviates from established genre norms.

Plot Analysis: The review implies that the movie’s plot stutters along, but it singles out Rose Reid as a noteworthy element.

Prioritising Important Elements: Surprised by Oxford Movie deserves praise for putting an emphasis on stylistic excellence, a clever plot, competent acting, and an entertainment-first approach rather than heavy preaching. It is referred to as a sublime illustration of how religiously motivated filmmaking ought to be done.

 It is praised for its original direction and for giving essential aspects like style, story, and acting the upper hand over overbearing preaching. 

Bottom Line

The Sheldonian Theatre, Keble College, Blackwell’s Bookstore, well-known taverns (The King’s Arms, The Eagle and Child), the high street, the Randolph Hotel, the University Church of St. Mary, and Addison’s Walk are all mentioned. It is a romanticised vision of Oxford, to be sure, but it is entirely appropriate for a movie about romanticism and the religious significance of beauty.

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