Taylor swift – 1989 Taylor’s version

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Alright, let’s dive into the world of pop music, where rumours and excitement buzz around like bees in a hive! We’re going to talk about Taylor Swift and her upcoming album, “1989 Taylor’s version.” We’ll break down what’s confirmed, what’s just a rumour, and who might be joining Taylor in this musical journey.

Taylor swift – 1989 Taylor’s version

Taylor swift - 1989 Taylor’s version
image creditinstagram.com

The Countdown to ‘1989 – Taylor’s Version’

So, everyone is super excited because Taylor Swift is about to release a new version of her 1989 album. This is part of her project to re-record her older albums. But here’s the million-dollar question: will there be any special guests singing alongside Taylor?

What’s Up with the Track List?

Taylor has said that this album will have five songs “From The Vault.” What does this mean? Well, think of a vault as a treasure chest of music. These are songs Taylor wrote back when she was making the original 1989 album but didn’t include in the final product. So, they’ve been kept in “The Vault” and we’re going to hear them for the first time!

Now, Taylor hasn’t confirmed if these special songs will feature other artists or not. In the original 1989 album, it was all Taylor, all the time and no guest singers.

The Gossip and Guessing Game

You know how when you hear a rumour, it can spread like wildfire? Well, there have been tons of whispers circulating about who might join Taylor in these new tracks. One of the big rumours has been about Harry Styles, who is not just a famous singer but also Taylor’s ex-boyfriend! People have been talking for years that there might be a “secret song” featuring Harry. But remember, this is all just talk right now; nothing’s confirmed.

Another rumour that was making noises was about Matty Healy from the band The 1975. People thought he might be a guest on the album. However, that rumour has been crushed out, like stepping on a grape. So, as of now, no Matty.

Why Does It Matter?

So, you might be thinking, “Why all the fuss?” Well, collaborations in music are like team-ups in superhero movies. They bring together the best of both worlds, making fans of each artist super excited. Plus, it’s always fun to hear how different artists can make a song extra special when they join forces.

And that’s the rundown, folks! Taylor Swift’s “1989 – Taylor’s Version” is almost here, and while we’re sure about the new songs “From The Vault,” the guest artist list is still a mystery. But hey, who doesn’t love a good mystery?

So, will Taylor bring in guest artists, or will she go solo like in the original album? We’ll just have to wait and see! and hold our excitement to the very end.

1989 Taylor’s THE ERAS TOUR

Harry Styles: A Collaboration Long in the Making?

Let’s focus on one of the rumours that’s got everyone on the edge of their seats: Harry Styles possibly teaming up with Taylor Swift on her revamped “1989” album. Why is this a big deal? Well, it’s like combining two flavours of your favourite

 ice cream and double the yumminess, double the fun!

The Puzzle Pieces

So, you’ve already heard about the “From The Vault” songs, right? Just to recap, these are tracks that Taylor wrote while making her original albums, but they didn’t make it into the final cut. Now, she’s dusting them off and sharing them with the world in her new versions.

Now, why do fans, also known as “Swifties,” think Harry might be involved? For starters, right before Taylor announced her new “1989” project, people noticed that Harry and Taylor started following each other on Instagram again. You know how when you put two pieces of a puzzle together, and they just fit? Well, this felt like a clue that something big could be coming.

A History of Harmony

When Taylor first began releasing her re-recorded albums, she mentioned that these special “From The Vault” tracks would sometimes feature guest artists. Given that Taylor and Harry are on good terms, it seems like a possibility that he could be one of those special guests. They’re not just any two singers; they also used to date, which adds a layer of curiosity to the whole idea!

Why It’s Exciting

Imagine two of your best friends, who haven’t hung out in a long time, suddenly decide to throw a joint party. That’s why this potential collaboration between Harry and Taylor is electrifying. Both artists have their unique styles and voices, and bringing them together in one song would be like a musical fireworks display.

Wrapping It Up

So, while we don’t have any official confirmation, the clues and good vibes between Taylor and Harry make it seem like a collaboration isn’t out of the question. Remember, sometimes rumours are just rumours, but sometimes they’re like the trailer for an upcoming blockbuster, you just know it’s going to be epic if the collab actually happens. fingers are crossed hope what we think are just rumours might come to a reality.

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Swift going to surprise us with a team-up in “1989 – Taylor’s Version”? The answer is still under shadows, but you can bet fans will be keeping their eyes peeled and ears open for any more clues!

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift: A Dynamic Duo in the Making?

Hold onto your seats, because there’s another rumour flying around that could make your musical dreams come true: Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift might be collaborating! Let’s dig into why this is buzzing in the music world and why it’s such a big deal.

Album Timeline: A Happy Coincidence?

Taylor swift - 1989 Taylor’s version

First off, both artists have their new albums on the horizon. Nicki Minaj is dropping “Pink Friday 2” just a few weeks after Taylor Swift releases “1989 – Taylor’s Version.” It’s kind of like having your birthday and your best friend’s birthday in the same month and you’re already in celebration mode!

The VMA Exchange: A Sign of Friendship

Remember the 2023 VMAs (Video Music Awards)? Nicki presented Taylor with an award, and they had a super cute moment. Taylor even called Nicki “my favourite Sagittarius,” which is like saying, “You’re my favourite teammate in a Football match.” It shows they’re cool with each other and opens up the possibility for some musical teamwork.

The Buzz Online: ‘Bad Blood’ and Beyond

Now, what gossip is spreading out ? Some say that Taylor invited Nicki to re-record the song “Bad Blood,” which they had performed together back in 2015 at another VMA show. Others hint at a collaboration on a future album, “Reputation – Taylor’s Version,” which doesn’t have a release date yet.

Also, there’s chatter about Taylor being featured on Nicki’s “Pink Friday 2.” That’s like saying, “Hey, you come to my party, and I’ll come to yours!” We’re crossing our fingers that at least one of these rumours turns out to be true.

Why This is Epic

Imagine two star athletes from different sports teaming up for a special event. That’s what a Nicki-Taylor collaboration would be like. They each bring their unique style and skills to the table, and a song featuring both would be a grand slam, a touchdown, a three-pointer—all rolled into one!

To Sum It Up

As it stands, these are still rumours. But, hey, rumours start for a reason, right? Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift collaborating would be like mixing chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream—a blend of awesome flavours that everyone wants to taste.

So, will they team up on one or both of their upcoming albums? For now, it’s a mystery, but fans are on High alert, ready to celebrate if these exciting rumours turn into reality!

Matty Healy: A Collaboration That Wasn’t Meant to Be?

So, there’s been a lot of buzz about who might be joining Taylor Swift on her upcoming album, right? One name that came up was Matty Healy, the lead singer of the band The 1975. But before you get too excited, let’s talk about what’s going on here.

The Brief Romance

Taylor and Matty briefly dated earlier this year. When people found out they were a couple, it was like mixing pop rocks and soda—explosive and exciting! Of course, everyone started guessing that a collaboration might be on the way. You know how when two artistic people get together, it’s easy to imagine them creating something amazing?

Rumours Debunked

But hold to your horses! A spokesperson for Taylor made it clear: Matty is not going to be part of the re-recorded “1989” album. The website MailOnline also confirmed it, saying neither Matty nor his band The 1975 will be on this album. So that’s like a final “no” from the teacher when you ask if there’s going to be a surprise quiz.

Why It Caught Our Attention

Why were people talking about this potential collab in the first place? Well, when two artists date, even briefly, fans can’t help but hope that they might also join forces in a creative way. It’s like when two superheroes team up for a special mission; the possibilities seem endless! So, even though Matty and Taylor split after just a few months, the idea of a musical pairing had everyone’s imaginations running wild.

Wrapping Things Up

So what’s the lesson here? Sometimes rumours are just that—rumours. They might sound like exciting possibilities, but until we get actual confirmation, it’s all just talk. In this case, the spokesperson’s statement shut down any speculation about Matty Healy being part of “1989 – Taylor’s Version.”

But hey, that doesn’t mean the album won’t be packed with other surprises. Artists always have a way of keeping us on our toes, so let’s keep our hopes high for whatever Taylor has in store for us next!

Ed Sheeran: A Friendship and Collaboration for the Ages?

Alright, let’s shift gears and talk about Ed Sheeran. Now, if Ed ends up on Taylor’s re-recorded “1989” album, it wouldn’t exactly be breaking news—because these two go way back! Let’s dig into their friendship, past collabs, and why fans are super eager to see Ed on this new album.

A Musical Friendship for the Record Books

First, a little history lesson. Ed and Taylor first teamed up in 2012 for a song called “Everything Has Changed.” Imagine meeting someone in freshman year and then becoming best friends—well, that’s basically what happened with Ed and Taylor, but in the music world.

Their friendship didn’t stop there. They came together again in 2021 to create a new music video for their song “The Joker And The Queen.” The cool part is that  They brought back the child stars from their first video, who are now all grown up! It’s like catching up with old friends at a reunion and finding out everyone’s still as awesome as you remember.

Why Fans Are So Hopeful

Fans of Ed and Taylor, sometimes called “Sheerios” and “Swifties,” are really hoping to hear Ed on a song “From The Vault” on the new “1989” album. Why? Because their previous collabs have been like a slice of musical heaven—two great tastes that taste great together!

Since they’ve already worked well together, it feels like a no-brainer. It’s like when you have a group project at school, and you get to pick your team—you’d definitely choose someone you’ve aced projects with before, right?

What Makes Their Collaborations Special

What’s great about Ed and Taylor working together is their chemistry. Their voices blend together as smoothly as pen glides on paper, making their songs super enjoyable. It’s like watching a buddy movie where the lead characters just get each other.

The Final Word

As of now, we don’t have official confirmation that Ed Sheeran will be featured on “1989 – Taylor’s Version.” But given their history of working together and being good friends, it’s got everyone’s hopes up.

So, will Ed Sheeran make a special appearance on the new album? We’ll have to wait for the big reveal, but you can bet fans are crossing their fingers and toes for another amazing collaboration from this dynamic duo!

Lorde: A Dream Collaboration in the Making?

Alright, here’s another name swirling around in the Taylor Swift collaboration rumour mill: Lorde. Now, let’s break down why fans are so excited about the possibility of these two pop icons teaming up on Taylor’s re-recorded “1989” album.

Friendship Goals

First up, let’s talk about the friendship between Lorde and Taylor. It’s not just a passing “hey, how are you?” type of thing; they’ve been good friends for years. Picture that friend you’ve been tight with since middle school—you just get each other, right? Well, that’s kind of like Lorde and Taylor in the pop music realm. They admire each other’s work and have publicly supported each other on multiple occasions.

Why Fans Are Crossing Their Fingers

Unlike some of the other artists we’ve talked about, there aren’t strong rumours or insider hints suggesting that Lorde will be on “1989 – Taylor’s Version.” But sometimes, hope is enough to keep the dream alive. In this case, fans are really, really hoping that these two friends will finally give us the collaboration we’ve been waiting for.

Think about it: you’ve got two artists who are known for their lyrical depth and unique styles. Mixing those together would be like adding a surprise ingredient to your favourite recipe and finding out it makes it even better!

What Makes This Potential Collab So fascinating

What’s so cool about the idea of a Lorde-Taylor collab? For starters, both are known for their storytelling abilities in their songs. Taylor is like the novelist of the pop world, while Lorde brings in her own poetic flair. Combine those, and you might just get a song that’s not just catchy, but also super meaningful.

Summing It All Up

So where does this leave us? With a lot of excitement and hope, but no concrete info. Remember, not all wishes come true, but the idea of Lorde and Taylor Swift creating something together is tempting enough to keep fans talking.


Will Lorde be a surprise feature on “1989 – Taylor’s Version”? For now, it’s all speculation and crossed fingers. But if this dream collab does happen, it could be marked forever in the history books!

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