Taylor Swift Dating with Travis Kelce Rumors

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Taylor Swift Dating

So, there’s some buzz going around that Taylor Swift Dating the American football player, Travis Kelce, might be a thing. Taylor, who’s a mega pop star, was seen enjoying a Kansas City Chiefs game recently. By the way, Travis plays for the Chiefs, She was at the game, wearing a Chiefs jacket and seemed to be having a blast, cheering next to Travis’s mom, Donna.

Taylor Swift Dating Travis Kelce

No one from Taylor or Travis’s side has said anything officially about them being together, even though people are really curious. Travis did talk about Taylor a bit, saying he’d like her to come to a game, but didn’t spill any details about them being more than friends. He did mention seeing her perform and suggested she might want to see him play too. Taylor hasn’t said anything about all these rumors yet.

Travis’s brother, Jason, who also plays football but for the Philadelphia Eagles, casually joked around about Travis and Taylor, saying he doesn’t really know what’s going on,but hopes they’re happy. Travis has been pretty open about having a crush on Taylor since July and even wanted to give her his number on a friendship bracelet at one of her concerts. Sadly he didn’t get the chance to. because Taylor usually doesn’t talk before or after her shows to save her voice.

Taylor Swift Dating
Taylor Swift. Image Credit – Gettyimages

For some context, Travis was dating a sports journalist, Kayla Nicole, but they broke up in 2020 amongst some rumours. Taylor was previously linked to Matty Healy in 1975 after breaking up with actor Joe Alwyn.

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So, Jason Kelce, who’s a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, was on a sports radio show hosted by DeCamara & Ritchie. He was talking about his brother, Travis, and all the rumours about him and Taylor Swift dating. Jason said he doesn’t really know much about his brother’s love life and tries to stay out of it. But he did joke around, saying he thinks Travis and Taylor are doing great and he hopes it’s all true.

Taylor Swift Dating
Taylor Swift Dating with Travis Kelce Image Credit – Gettyimages.in

Travis has been open about liking Taylor since July. He even talked about it on his podcast that he hosts with his brother, Jason, after going to one of her concerts. He wished he could have met her and exchanged numbers after the show.
So, an NFL star was like, “You know how at Taylor Swift concerts, fans get friendship bracelets? I got a bunch when I was there, but I wanted to give Taylor one with my number on it.”

He was kind of upset because Taylor doesn’t chat before or after her concerts. He said it’s because she has to save her voice since she sings 44 songs! He was pretty bummed out because he couldn’t give her his bracelet.

Taylor Swift Dating
Taylor Swift. Image Credit – Gettyimages.in

Travis Kelce, who won the Super Bowl, used to date a sports reporter named Kayla Nicole. They were together for several years but broke up a couple of years ago. People were saying he cheated, but he said that’s not true in a post he later deleted on X (that’s what we call Twitter now).


In July, someone who knows Taylor Swift told PEOPLE that she was single. She was briefly linked to Matty Healy, the lead singer of The 1975, after breaking up with actor Joe Alwyn. They were together for six years.

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