The Bollywood Actress Dipika Chikhlia gave a prosperous life forever

In India, Dipika Chikhlia is the only actress, who earned the status of a goddess with just one serial, and thousands of people are so eager to meet Dipika Chikhlia outside of her house. Dipika was born in 1965 in Mumbai. From childhood, Dipika was always interested in modeling and acting, so due to that strong dedication onwards in this field. So, She was offered a role in a serial program, at the beginning worked in a small character, but Dipika’s family was not interested at that time as Dipika didn’t complete her studies.

About Dipika Chikhlia

Dipika Chikhlia embarked on her acting journey following the completion of her studies, making her debut in 1983 with the film ‘Sun Meri Laila’ produced by Rajshree Banner.She continued to work in several films such as ‘Pathar’, ‘Bhagwan Dada’, and ‘Ghar Sansar’, but unfortunately, these films also did not fare well commercially. As a result, Dipika’s opportunities in the film industry started dwindling, compelling her to seek work in television serials, including ‘Paying Guest’ and ‘Vikram Betaal’.

Meanwhile, actresses like Jayaprada, Shabana Azmi, Sridevi, Padmini Kolhapure, and Rekha were flourishing in their careers, making it increasingly challenging for Dipika to secure film roles. Consequently, she turned to horror and B-grade films, appearing in movies like ‘Cheek’ and ‘Raat Ke Andhere’, where she delivered some daring performances.

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Dipika Chikhlia’s career was on the verge of decline when she landed a role in the TV serial ‘Vikram Betal,’ also produced by Ramanand Sagar. During that time, Ramanand Sagar was working on his ambitious project, Ramayana, and he decided to cast Dipika as Sita. This decision faced considerable opposition since Dipika had previously performed intimate scenes in B-grade films. However, the protests were somewhat limited as many people were unaware of her prior filmography.


Dipika Chikhlia, a veteran actress, achieved everlasting fame through her portrayal of Sita in the iconic TV show Ramayan, which was directed by Ramanand Sagar. Her portrayal was so impactful and convincing that Dipika became popular for Playing with the character of goddess Sita, who won many audiences’ hearts. While Dipika continues to be showered with blessings and adoration from her fans.

She also faces her fair share of criticism and trolling due to her association with the beloved onscreen depiction of Sita. However, this achievement also shattered her dreams of becoming a successful Bollywood actress. After Ramayana, casting directors were hesitant to cast her in films, as they were unwilling to shoot romantic or lighthearted scenes with her. This significantly limited Dipika’s options, resulting in fewer film offers. In 1991, Dipika Chikhlia bid farewell to the film industry after marrying businessman Hemant Topiwala, who owns a cosmetic company. Hemant Topiwala happened to be a family friend of Dipika Chikhlia.