“The Dark Horse” Riley’s L.A. Guns to Launch New Song!

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Let’s talk about an excellent band named Riley’s L.A. Guns. They’ve got a new song called “The Dark Horse” on September 29, available through Golden Robot Records. This song is just a little sneak peek of their upcoming album, which is also called “The Dark Horse”, and we can expect to see the whole album sometime in early 2024.

Riley’s L.A. Guns’ Latest Release: The Dark Horse

“The Dark Horse” is not just any rock song. It tells a profound and moving story. It discusses facing and overcoming personal struggles and making life-changing decisions. The theme uses a metaphor, comparing life’s challenges to holding the “reins” of a horse, showing how we often have to work hard to stay in control. The song also talks about how life keeps throwing challenges at us, but we must keep going and face them.

The song is a ballad— which means it’s a song that tells a story, usually filled with emotion. It’s about feeling like an underdog who isn’t expected to win or succeed but fights anyway. The singer, Kurt Frohlich, brings this story to life with his powerful voice, and the song’s tune is very touching. This song is unique because it mixes deep emotions with the energetic and powerful sound of rock ‘n’ roll that Riley’s L.A. Guns is known for.

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Excitement from the Band

The band’s drummer, Steve Riley, is excited about this new song. He shared, “‘The Dark Horse’ is a lively and upbeat rock song, like ‘Renegades,’ a song from our last album. We’ve grown a lot as a band, and we think you’ll hear it in how this song is put together and how we play it. We hope you like it, and stay tuned for our full album in 2024. We’re also planning to go on tour next year, and we’re excited to see you all there! But for now, enjoy rocking out to ‘The Dark Horse’!”

A Musical Journey with Riley’s L.A. Guns

Hey guys! Here’s some more news about Riley’s L.A. Guns, the band we talked about before. Earlier in February, they released a digital song named “Rewind” through Golden Robot Records, and last October, they released another one called “Overdrive”. We expect these songs in their upcoming “The Dark Horse” album.

Now, here’s a bit of background information. In April 2021, there was a bit of a disagreement about who gets to use the name “L.A. Guns”. To solve this issue without going to court, they reached an agreement. Tracii Guns, the guitarist, and Phil Lewis, the singer, decided to keep using the name L.A. Guns. On the other hand, Steve Riley and his bandmates decided to use a new name, “Riley’s L.A. Guns”.

Riley’s L.A. Guns consists of Steve Riley and some other talented musicians. There’s Kurt Frohlich from Orlando, Florida, a guitarist and vocalist; Kelly Nickels, who played bass in the “classic” version of L.A. Guns; and Scott Griffin, who played bass for L.A. Guns between 2007 and 2014.


In January 2020, there was a legal issue where Riley was taken to court by Lewis and Guns in California. They claimed that Riley’s version of the band was causing “unfair competition” by using the L.A. Guns name without permission. They also complained about false advertising breaches of contract and unauthorised usage of their images. Lewis and Guns wanted a trial by jury to resolve these issues.

Riley’s L.A. Guns witnessed a significant rebirth in 2020, reiterating their everlasting dedication to the rhythm of rock ‘n’ roll. Kelly Nickels, a founding member who played bass, returned to the group, strengthening it with his rhythmic drive, Scott Griffin’s guitar prowess, and Kurt Frohlich’s strong lead vocals. The band proudly embraced its beginnings with Kelly Nickels’ presence.

Collaboration with Golden Robot Records

This band’s comeback coincided with a robust multi-album collaboration with Golden Robot Records, marking an essential stage in their development. “The Dark Horse” emerges as the first step on this amazing adventure as they await another successful chapter in their legendary past. Nothing less than Riley’s L.A. Guns’ trademark high-octane rock ‘n’ roll excellence, which perfectly captures the band’s enduring musical heritage, can be expected from fans.

Conclusion: Riley’s L.A. Guns Continues to Rock On

RILEY’S L.A. GUNS are releasing limited-edition bundles for “THE DARK Horse” singles, with bundle No. 2 already available for pre-order. Each bundle will come with a limited-edition red seven-inch vinyl and a unique 12-inch colour version of the record; package No. 2’s 12-inch will be a red and black splatter.

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